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About Lexipol

Public Safety Organization Policies and Resources

Lexipol is America’s leading provider of defensible policies and training for public safety organizations, delivering our services through a unique, web-based development system. Lexipol offers state-specific policy manuals, regular policy updates and daily scenario based training against policy.

Gordon Graham and Bruce Praet founded Lexipol. Since 2003, our proven policy and training solutions have helped public safety agencies across the country reduce risk and avoid litigation.

Customizable, Up-to-Date Risk Management Policies

The Lexipol system helps public safety organizations reduce risk and stay ahead of litigation trends, while communicating clear and concise policy guidance to their personnel. Lexipol is the only company that offers this level of customization and value in managing, disseminating and tracking a public safety organization’s policies and training.

Make Every Day a Training Day

Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins address issues related to risk, liability, safety and best practices for law enforcement, custody and fire service organizations. Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins can help your personnel understand policy as it relates to best practices, current law and regulations and then document that you have trained your personnel on your approved policies.

Benefits of Partnering with Lexipol

Reduce the Number of Claims and Claim Pay-Out Amounts

Lexipol’s policy and training system has been proven to reduce the number of claims paid. One statewide insurance pool reported, Lexipol users saw 69% fewer litigated claims, compared to pre-Lexipol implementation.

Assurance of Up-to-Date Policies

Lexipol provides legally reviewed regular and urgent policy updates in response to legislative mandates, case law and the evolution of best practices.

State-Specific Risk Management Policies

Lexipol provides state-specific, fully customizable content based on federal and state law, regulations and public safety best practices.

Personnel Learn Risk Management Policies

Lexipol provides customizable web-based Daily Training Bulletins that provide comprehensive training to help public safety personnel learn and retain their organization’s policy manual and the practical risk management application of their policies.

No Software or Hardware to Purchase and Maintain

Lexipol’s risk management policies and Daily Training Bulletins are web-based, requiring no software to install or hardware to purchase and maintain.

Accessible Reporting

Lexipol archives Daily Training Bulletin records, which gives you an invaluable resource in litigation defense or personnel matters.


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Partner Testimonial

"Lexipol is, indeed, ahead of the curve with their unique risk management solutions in law enforcement. The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association has been eagerly anticipating the release of the Lexipol Custody Manual. Lexipol meets the needs of law enforcement and custodial agencies by recognizing the emerging challenges facing our agencies, and providing comprehensive tools and resources to reduce liability and risk in a professional and highly efficient manner. The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association is proud of its continued partnership with Lexipol."

Jim Franklin, Executive Director
Minnesota Sheriffs' Association, MN

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