Badger State Sheriffs’ Association

Full Lexipol funding available

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Badger State Sheriffs’ Association (BSSA) members now have a unique opportunity to enhance deputy safety, reduce liability and decrease the amount of time spent developing and maintaining critical policies.

Through a partnership with Lexipol and the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (WCMIC), BSSA members can receive full funding on Lexipol’s Wisconsin Law Enforcement and/or Custody Policy Manuals and Daily Training Bulletin service. Lexipol is America’s leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety organizations and is currently in use in more than 2,500 agencies nationwide.

Partnership Benefits

  • Policy content that reflects best practices and is compliant with Wisconsin state and federal laws – Agencies can reduce the significant liability and safety risks associated with inconsistent, out-of-date policies.
  • Automatic updates – Lexipol’s team of legal and law enforcement experts continuously researches state and federal legislation and case law and provides agencies with needed policy updates. Agencies save hundreds of personnel hours each year on updating policy and have confidence that their policy addresses evolving issues in law enforcement.
  • Daily Training Bulletins – Policy content is supplemented by scenario-based Daily Training Bulletins (DTBs) that focus on the agency’s policies and high-risk, low-frequency events. DTBs are available on any mobile device and the Lexipol system tracks individual deputy completion.


Funding Details

Through this partnership, WCMIC member agencies receive full funding to implement Lexipol’s Wisconsin Law Enforcement and/or Custody policy manuals. The funding is provided by the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation.

“Annual budgets continue to be tight for not only counties, but for all of Wisconsin and it is imperative that counties use their resources in the most effective manner possible,” says County Mutual President and Oconto County Board Chair Lee Rymer. “The County Mutual places a great deal of importance on its commitment to providing loss control and risk management training to support the operations of all our member departments. However, with the unique and specialized service each of our law enforcement agencies provide, we recognize the need to give those agencies access to uniform policies and procedures, along with the necessary training tools to meet those needs.”

Get Started!

For more information on how your agency can take advantage of this opportunity, or to learn more about the partnership, contact Karen James at (949) 325-1230 or


    (844) 312-9500

Director Daniel Keen
Northampton (PA) Department of Corrections

“It came down to three main factors for us: safety, time and efficiency. This is a way to protect  the staff, public and inmates in the best interest of all.”

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