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Risk Management Services

Providing Risk Management Resources for Custody Organizations

Lexipol is America's leading provider of risk management resources for custody organizations. We provide customizable, state-specific, web-based Custody Policy Manuals, with an integrated training component.

We can help your organization comply with current law, regulations and custody best practices, and then document that you have trained your personnel on your approved custody policies. No one else in America offers this level of customization and value in managing, disseminating and tracking your organization’s policies and training.

Customizable Custody Policies for Your State

The Lexipol Custody Policy Manual directly addresses the needs of jails, detention centers and custody facilities. Our customizable, state-specific, web-based Custody Policy Manuals helps your facility operate more efficiently and effectively.

Effectively Managing Your Organization’s Policies and Training

Lexipol offers the most comprehensive solution for managing custody policy and training. Our Daily Training Bulletins are designed to be completed in just a few minutes and are based on high-risk, low-frequency events.

Custody Risk Management Services and Solutions

Online Custody Policy Manual
The Lexipol Custody Policy Manual allows you to view the origin of all policy content, including federal and state laws and best practices. The master content serves as the foundation on which your organization’s customized Custody Policy Manual is built.

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Daily Training Bulletins
Our Custody Daily Training Bulletins are based on real-life scenarios with an emphasis on high-risk, low-frequency events.

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Partner Testimonial

"The reason we chose to go with Lexipol’s Custody Manual is we were struggling to keep our policy manuals up-to-date with common practices and legal changes. Lexipol is a great tool for our management and a great resource for our line staff as a part of the operation, as well as training and distribution of the policies to the employees. Lexipol provides a tool that limits liability and is useful."

Doug Hughes, Captain
Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office, ID

"Lexipol is, indeed, ahead of the curve with their unique risk management solutions in law enforcement. The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association has been eagerly anticipating the release of the Lexipol Custody Manual. Lexipol meets the needs of law enforcement and custodial agencies by recognizing the emerging challenges facing our agencies, and providing comprehensive tools and resources to reduce liability and risk in a professional and highly efficient manner. The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association is proud of its continued partnership with Lexipol."

Jim Franklin, Executive Director
Minnesota Sheriffs' Association, MN