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Comprehensive Fire Policy Manual

The Lexipol Fire Policy Manual has more than 170 policies based on federal and state law, regulations and fire service best practices. The Fire Policy Manual provides comprehensive polices written by legal and fire service professionals. Lexipol’s fire service and legal experts constantly monitor major court decisions, legislation and emerging trends that affect fire service operations. The Fire Policy Manual addresses risk, liability, safety and fire service best practices for all types of fire departments, including municipal, county and fire protection districts.

Lexipol offers a Supplemental Publication Service to clients who currently use our web-based policy manual. The Supplemental Publication Service provides a framework that lets you create department-specific procedures and link them directly to your policy manual. You will be able to import, edit and archive your department’s procedures, all in one intuitive, online system. It has never been easier to simplify the management of your policy and procedure manuals. 

Adherence to Best Practices in Fire Policy

The Lexipol system allows a fire department to view the origin of all policy content, including federal and state laws, and is easily retrievable for defense litigation or personnel matters. Lexipol policies are instrumental in a department’s ability to prevail in court and are often cited as models by courts, attorneys and public safety organizations.

Compliance with Current Laws and Court Decisions

The Lexipol system is truly unique and addresses issues related to risk management, liability, safety and best practices for fire organizations. Lexipol policies help your department comply with current statutory laws, and will ensure that you stay abreast of court decisions and keep up with the evolution of best practices.

Key Benefits of the Online Fire Policy Manual

  • Reduce Claims and Claim Pay-Out Amounts - The Lexipol system helps fire departments reduce risk and stay ahead of litigation trends.

  • Up-to-Date Policies - Lexipol provides regular client alerts in response to precedent-setting court decisions. Urgent updates are provided when needed.

  • Assurance of a Legally Defensible Policy - With the Lexipol system, your department has a clear, straightforward, professional policy manual that is legally defensible.

  • 24/7 Access to Your Policy Manual - The Lexipol state-specific policy manual is easily accessible by all members of your department because it is web-based and available 24/7.

Key Features of the Online Fire Policy Manual

    Web-Based There is no software to purchase or maintain.
    Easy Editing Edit policy manuals using a simple, user-friendly word processing system that is color-coded to make the editing process easy.
    Tracked Date of Acceptance Acknowledgement of the policy manual by your department’s personnel is captured and stamped with a date and time of acceptance.
    Customizable The Fire Policy Manual has editing capabilities allowing you to reflect your department’s procedures, mission and philosophy.
    Up-to-Date Policies Updates are provided regularly to help you keep your manual current.
    Robust Reporting Each version of the department’s manual is archived and easily retrievable by the policy administrator.
    Nationwide Collaboration Lexipol policy manuals leverage one of the largest private networks of public safety collaborators in the nation.



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Partner Testimonial

"We were faced with an incomplete, outdated set of policies that has resulted in preventable liability and labor-relations issues. The release of the Lexipol Fire Policy Manual has provided us with a solid foundation upon which we can build a policy manual that is based on sound legal interpretations and best practices. The Lexipol product is easily customizable, which allows us to include policies that address our local needs. The subscription also includes training modules in our policies, which closes the gap on the most overlooked aspect of policy management."

Michael W. McLaughlin, Chief
City of Merced Fire Department, CA

"As a Fire Chief coming into a new organziation, I determined very quickly that our policies were either outdated or non-existent, placing the department and city at significant risk. I was excited to hear that Lexipol had branched into the fire service discipline and after reviewing the services, I immediately purchased the fire policy manual without hesitation."

Bruce Stedman, Chief
Arlington Fire Department, WA

"The main reason I chose to purchase the Lexipol fire version of its policy manual was because our police department has had a lot of success with it since its adoption. They are current with state statutes and laws, and more importantly consistent in the way they follow policies and procedures. This would not only allow our department to maintain consistency with certain policies, but rely on legal insight and industry best practices to formulate our own policy manual."

Pete Mercado, Chief
Calexico Fire Department, CA

"When looking at the cost of risk and litigation associated with policies that are outdated or insufficient, the services offered by Lexipol make total sense. The fire industry has needed a fire policy manual service for a long time, and now we have one that is easy to use and keeps us up-to-date with the legal and regulatory changes that impact our industry and directly affect the way we do business."

Nathan Trauernicht, Chief
UC Davis Fire Department, CA

"One of our greatest challenges over the years has been creating policies that address both legal and best practice issues, and then keeping those policies current. We are pleased with the Lexipol service and anticipate the time spent setting up the fire policy manual will yield a finished product that is well worth the investment."

Dave Lingenfelter, Chief
Lake Stevens Fire Department, WA