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Providing Resources for Risk Management Associations

Lexipol is America's leading provider of risk management resources for public safety organizations. We provide customizable, state-specific, web-based policy manuals with an integrated training component for law enforcement, custody and fire service organizations.

Lexipol can help your members comply with current law, regulations and public safety best practices, and then document that they have trained their personnel on their approved policies and procedures. No one else in America offers this level of customization and value in managing, disseminating and tracking an organization's policies and training.

Reduce Liability Exposure

Lexipol partners with risk management associations and insurance pools all over the country to offer a value-added service to their members. We are recognized for our proactive approach in decreasing liability exposure backed by our technical and legal expertise.

Reducing Frequency and Severity of Claims

Our cost-effective policy and training system reduces the number of claims and claims paid out. Public safety organizations that use the Lexipol system have seen a reduction in frequency and severity of claims.

Services and Solutions for Your Members

Online Policy Manuals
Lexipol's online, state-specific policy manuals provide comprehensive policies written by legal, law enforcement, custody and fire service professionals. The policies are based on federal and state law, regulations and best practices.

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Daily Training Bulletins
Our Daily Training Bulletins are based on real-life scenarios with an emphasis on high-risk, low-frequency events.

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Partner Testimonial

"ICRMP offers funding support to our members for the Lexipol Policy Manual and Daily Training Bulletin service. We believe best practices in law enforcement risk management begin with a well written policy manual that is continuously updated. The policy must shape practices in the field and Lexipol's Daily Training Bulletins are the link between policy and practice. Lexipol is truly an effective partner in managing risk."

Rick Ferguson, Executive Director
Idaho Counties Risk Management Program (ICRMP), ID

"MVRMA has partnered with Lexipol to provide its members with the Lexipol Ohio Policy Manual and Daily Training Bulletin service at a discounted rate. MVRMA encourages its members to utilize the Lexipol service and has made funds available to help finance the cost. Lexipol provides court-tested policies written by legal and law enforcement professionals. The Daily Training Bulletins provide comprehensive training to help law enforcement professionals learn the content of the department's policy manual and practical applications of the policies."

Mike Hammond, Executive Director
Miami Valley Risk Management Association (MVRMA), OH

"On behalf of PARSAC's member police departments, I highly recommend Lexipol for their online policy manual and daily training bulletin service. Our pool of agencies have been using Lexipol for the past four years and find the standardization and professionalism of the online policy manual to be up-to-date, usable, and customizable for each department. Their customer service is responsive and I would recommend Lexipol as a good risk management service for all public safety agencies."

Joanne Rennie, ARM SPHR, General Manager
Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC), CA

"CIRSA has been working with Lexipol during the last two years to implement their policy manual and daily training bulletins in Colorado. To date, 45 of our members' police departments have chosen to implement the Lexipol program. We believe that the Lexipol program will reduce the number and cost of police liability claims. Therefore, we have provided partial funding of the annual fees to encourage our members to participate. The staff at Lexipol have been excellent to work with and we look forward to our continued relationship."

Chris Krall, Deputy Executive Director
Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA), CO