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Lexipol is America’s leading provider of state-specific policy management resources for fire organizations. Lexipol offers a customizable, reliable and regularly updated online policy manual service, daily training bulletins on your approved policies, and implementation and management services for your policy manual, policy updates and training.

  • Custom Policy Content

    Lexipol provides customizable, state-specific, web-based Fire Policy Manuals with an integrated training component to help city, county, and university fire departments as well as regional fire protection districts operate more efficiently and effectively. We provide comprehensive, defensible policies written by legal and fire professionals. Learn More ›

  • Daily Training Bulletins

    Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletins bring the manual into practice through real-life, scenario-based training exercises emphasizing high-risk, low frequency events. Completed and verified in less than ten minutes per day, Daily Training Bulletins may qualify for continuous training certification.
    Learn More ›

  • Implementation and Management Service

    Lexipol’s experienced team can assist with implementation of your Lexipol manual, freeing your personnel to focus on serving and protecting the community. Lexipol’s team can also manage the administration of critical updates for your policy manual and manage your agency’s Daily Training Bulletins. Lexipol’s Implementation and Management services allow your agency to control and distribute policy and training while we do all the work. Learn More ›


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Featured Case Study

Arlington Fire Department

"As a Fire Chief coming into a new organization, I determined very quickly that our policies were either outdated or non-existent, placing the department and ci

Captain Brad Newbury
Stoughton (MA) Fire Department

“Because Lexipol policies are based on best practices, it’s helping us demonstrate to our personnel that this is the way we should be functioning from a legal standpoint, an organizational excellence standpoint.”

Assistant Chief Scott Neal
Bullhead City (AZ) Fire Department

“If we were to create a new policy manual by tackling one policy every week, it would take us 3 ½ years to go through our current manual. Lexipol is taking the heavy lifting off us.”

Chief Clayton O'Brien
Napoleon (OH) Fire and Rescue

"Lexipol has been one of my biggest ways to be successful as a brand-new chief. We had a lot of work to do in the fire department when I became chief, and I don't know how I would have gotten it all done in such a short time without Lexipol."

Chief Ted Martin
Branson (MO) Fire & Rescue

“Before, our firefighters really only accessed policy when they absolutely needed it, when something went wrong. With Lexipol, policy content is so much more accessible. And with the ongoing training, we’re going to get policy into their heads.”

Chief Jon Cohn
Greenfield (WI) Fire Department

"There is no way we could have built what we have on our own, and there is no way we could have continued to maintain it."

Chief Bob Watson
Borger (TX) Fire Department

“Lexipol serves three purposes: One, it protects citizens by giving us vetted guidelines to follow. Two, it protects firefighters because in court, they can show that they follow the guidelines. And three, as long as we follow the policies, it protects the city’s assets.”

Chief Jeffrey Pilz
Hillside (IL) Fire Department

“Anyone who’s done anything with training knows [Lexipol co-founder] Gordon Graham and [Lexipol consultant] Billy Goldfeder. When my firefighters ask, ‘Who wrote this?’ I can say it’s not some lawyer who’s just trying to make buck and doesn’t care about you. Gordon and Billy are vested in the fire service, in risk management. As soon as the members know this is coming from them, they buy in.”

Division Chief David LaPere
Tulare (CA) Fire Department

“Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics. Lexipol is the logistical support for policy development. Without that platform, it’s like trying to travel 1,000 miles with no vehicle and no road. Lexipol gives you the car; they build the road.”

Battalion Chief Jeff Stewart
Clark County (WA) Fire District 3

“The benefit of Lexipol is that the work has already been done for you. All of the laws and standards are there; it’s just a matter of conforming it to your organization.”

Michael W. McLaughlin, Chief
City of Merced Fire Department, CA

"We were faced with an incomplete, outdated set of policies that has resulted in preventable liability and labor-relations issues. The release of the Lexipol Fire Policy Manual has provided us with a solid foundation upon which we can build a policy manual that is based on sound legal interpretations and best practices. The Lexipol product is easily customizable, which allows us to include policies that address our local needs. The subscription also includes training modules in our policies, which closes the gap on the most overlooked aspect of policy management."

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