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Comprehensive Fire Policy

The Lexipol Fire Policy Manual has more than 150 policies based on federal and state laws, regulations and fire best practices. The policy manual is written by legal and public safety professionals who constantly monitor major court decisions, legislation and emerging trends affecting fire organizations. Lexipol provides regular updates in response to legislative mandates, case law and the evolution of fire best practices.

The Lexipol system is truly unique — it addresses issues related to risk management, liability, safety and best practices for fire organizations. Lexipol will help you comply with current statutory laws, stay abreast of court decisions and keep up with evolving national best practices. Lexipol’s Fire Policy Manual is often cited as a model by courts, attorneys and fire service organizations and has been instrumental in defending agencies against litigation.

Key features and benefits

  • Legally Defensible Policies

    With the Lexipol system, an agency has a clear, straightforward, professional policy manual with proven, legally defensible content.

  • Reduce Claims and Claim Pay-out Amounts

    The Lexipol system helps public safety organizations reduce risk and stay ahead of litigation trends.

  • Up-to-Date Policies

    Lexipol provides regular client alerts in response to precedent-setting court decisions. Urgent updates are provided when needed.

  • 24/7 Access to Your Policy Manual

    The Lexipol policy manual is easily accessible by all members of your agency because it is web-based and available 24/7.

  • Nationwide Collaboration

    A Lexipol subscription includes access to one of the largest private networks of public safety collaborators in the nation through the Lexipol Support and Discussion Customer Forum.




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Featured Case Study

Arlington Fire Department

"As a Fire Chief coming into a new organization, I determined very quickly that our policies were either outdated or non-existent, placing the department and ci

Michael W. McLaughlin, Chief
City of Merced Fire Department, CA

"We were faced with an incomplete, outdated set of policies that has resulted in preventable liability and labor-relations issues. The release of the Lexipol Fire Policy Manual has provided us with a solid foundation upon which we can build a policy manual that is based on sound legal interpretations and best practices. The Lexipol product is easily customizable, which allows us to include policies that address our local needs. The subscription also includes training modules in our policies, which closes the gap on the most overlooked aspect of policy management."

Battalion Chief Jeff Stewart
Clark County (WA) Fire District 3

“The benefit of Lexipol is that the work has already been done for you. All of the laws and standards are there; it’s just a matter of conforming it to your organization.”

Chief Aaron Dickey
Hillndale Volunteer Fire Department

“I would definitely recommend Lexipol to any fire department—big, small, paid, volunteer. It’s extremely easy to customize it to fit your needs. For us, it’s really made a difference.”

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