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In The News

5 Signs Your Fire Department Policies Need “Spring Cleaning”

By Chief Sam DiGiovanna It’s that time of year when many of us air out the house, clear out the clutter, and do a top-to-bottom cleaning. Spring cleaning probably dates to the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleaning one’s home before Passover, although the tradition is found in many cultures. Iranians call it “shaking the house” and they do it…

6 Steps for Safeguarding Your Peer Support Team

Public safety has always been a stressful career. But over the past few years, there’s been increased recognition about the mental and emotional stress police officers, firefighters and corrections officers face. If the stories on public safety websites and the sessions at conferences across the country are any indication, more and more departments are realizing that helping their personnel manage…

Police Dogs at Risk: Symptoms and Treatment of Opioid Exposure in Canine Officers

By Diane Loos The law enforcement working dog is one of the most valuable assets for any agency. Some 50,000 working dogs in the U.S. are performing tasks such as narcotics detection, bomb detection, missing person investigation, search and rescue, and article searches. For good reason, law enforcement officers consider police dogs to be their partners—and often family members. While…

Real Risk Management: Getting to the Root of the Problem

By Gordon Graham Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series. Click here for the previous article.  Gordon Graham here—thanks for tuning back in. First, a quick recap. After some introductory comments in the first article in this series about the 10 Families of Risk, we covered: As you go through each of these families of risk, ask yourself,…

Building a More Inclusive Environment for Women Firefighters

By Shannon Pieper The recent #MeToo movement revealed that despite centuries of progress, women still fight to be treated on par with men in the workplace. In the fire service, this is even more of an issue. Fire departments across the country lag far behind corporate America in terms of integrating women. There are signs of positive change: The number…

Court Grants Qualified Immunity to Officer Who Did Not Wait for Warning Shot

By Ken Wallentine Sanzone v. Gray, 2018 WL 1193315 (7th Cir. 2018) Keith Koster’s friend called police and asked them to check on Koster. The friend reported that Koster was vomiting and having trouble breathing. Officers responded with fire service paramedics. Koster’s apartment manager gave the officers a key in case Koster couldn’t open the door for them. An officer…

Abuse of Electronic Stun Belt Results in Conviction Reversal

By Ken Wallentine Morris v. State, 2018 WL 1082345 (Tex. App., 8th Dist., 2018) Terry Lee Morris was dating the mother of a 15-year-old girl. When Morris and his girlfriend broke up, Morris reached out to the daughter for sexual conversations. Morris asked the daughter to give him photos of her breasts and genitals. The girl agreed. Morris reciprocated with…

Officer’s Warrantless Smartphone Search Permitted by Border Search Doctrine

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Vergara, 2018 WL 1324589 (11th Cir. 2018) Hernando Javier Vergara docked at Tampa, Fla., after a cruise to Mexico. As a convicted sex offender, Vergara was on a watch list. When he came through the Customs and Border Protection station, an agent asked Vergara to turn on his three mobile phones. The agent found…

Police Officers Weigh in on Ways to Prevent School Shootings

By Ken Wallentine In the February issue of my legal enewsletter, Xiphos, I asked for your thoughts on meeting the challenge of school shootings. Thanks to the officers who sent thoughtful responses. Not surprisingly, many of you had ideas for placing more officers in schools. Among the ideas: creating an easier path for retired cops with degrees to become certified…

4 Tips for Successful Public Safety Retirement

By Shannon Pieper Retirement is a big change for any professional. But in public safety, it seems to hit even harder. Perhaps that’s because so many firefighters, police officers and corrections officers retire young, with many good working years ahead of them. The transition is also complicated by the fact that public safety work creates tightly knit communities of personnel…

Lexipol Introduces New Kansas Policy and Training Solution for Fire Departments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX – March 14, 2018 – Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of Kansas Policy and Training solutions for fire departments. The new service includes policy and procedural content, management and related training delivered via an online platform and mobile app. Lexipol helps public safety agencies…

Seeing the Future: How Strategic Risk Management Can Improve Your Operations

By Gordon Graham Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series. Click here for the previous article.  Gordon Graham here. Thanks for taking the time to read more about real risk management. In this iteration, I will cover Family Three—Strategic Risks. First, a bit of a teaser: This family of risks is of great concern to me because if…

In Brief: Fire Law Review Winter 2017

By Curt Varone Our fire law review focuses on only some of the many major fire law headlines between October 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. Parsed by topic, you can see the same mistakes and inappropriate behavior getting firefighters nationwide in trouble.  Sexual Harassment Fire Law Review Florida – Sexual Harassment Captain Amanda Vomero with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue…

Firefighter Safety in Spring Weather: Review 2018

By Scott Eskwitt As we come into the spring months, it’s a good time to review some Lexipol policies relevant to the changing weather and firefighter safety conditions. The changing weather conditions create special issues impacting operations, personnel performance and firehouse safety. Additionally, remember your equipment needs specific attention both at the scene and back at the station. Following are…

Improving Law Enforcement Through Better Policy: Gordon Graham on the Quality Policing Podcast

"Good enough is not good enough. We have to get better at what we do.” Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham joined Detective Nick Selby and Professor Peter Moskos on a recent episode of the Quality Policing podcast. Selby and Moskos created the show to “engage in meaningful and respectfully opinionated discussion” with cops, judges, attorneys and activists. Graham, Selby and Moskos…

7 Reasons to Focus on Firefighter Eye Protection

By Sam DiGiovanna With all the focus on cardiac health and cancer prevention in the fire service, it can sometimes seem that protecting ourselves requires battling complex, pervasive medical issues we don’t fully comprehend. That may be true, but we also can’t lose focus of the injuries that are completely preventable with simple steps—the low-hanging fruit. Your eyes are one…

Officer Probable Cause to Search: Pankey's Hanky Panky Leads Him to the Pokey

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Pankey, 2018 WL 798426 (4th Cir. 2018) A trooper saw Michael Pankey speeding and stopped him. Smelling burnt marijuana, the trooper asked who had been smoking marijuana in the vehicle. Pankey denied that anyone had been smoking in the vehicle, but the trooper observed Pankey showing substantial physical signs of nervousness. Pankey was driving…

Trash Pull Within Curtilage Still Fair Game

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Thompson, 881 F.3d 629 (8th Cir. 2018) Police received an anonymous tip that James Thompson was dealing illegal drugs. After a drive-by, officers contacted the local trash service and arranged for a trash pull within curtilage. Officers watched the garbage collector walk up the driveway to Thompson’s garage, take the trash can and dump…

Probationary Police Officer Pretext Trumps Termination

By Ken Wallentine Perez v. City of Roseville, 2018 WL 797453 (9th Cir. 2018) Leah Begley filed a citizen complaint alleging that Janelle Perez, a probationary police officer, was having an on-duty sexual relationship with Begley’s husband, veteran Officer Shad Begley. An internal affairs (IA) investigation followed. The investigation produced no evidence of on-duty sexual contact, but did show that…

Officer Warrantless Search of Cell Phone Violates Fourth Amendment

By Ken Wallentine Commonwealth v. Fulton, 2018 WL 987963 (Pa. 2018) Dean Fulton, also known as Jeff, Lil’ Jeff, Red Fox or Fox, is a drug dealer accused of fatally shooting Michael Toll, a customer, when Toll made a move that Fulton interpreted as reaching for a gun. Before he died, Toll told responding officers that “Jeff” reached into the…

3 Tactics for Combating Firefighter PTSD

By Sean W. Stumbaugh, Battalion Chief (Retired) In my last article, I shared some insights I gained about firefighter post-traumatic stress (PTS) from Jeff Dill of the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA). But understanding firefighter PTSD is obviously just the beginning. It begs the question, what can we do to address this alarming problem among our ranks? By no means…

Marijuana Legalization Creates Challenges for Officers Enforcing Impaired Driving Laws

By Jim Concannon The battle to choose what substances are acceptable for recreational use was, is and will be a topic that polarizes society. Where has all the battling got us? Some argue that skyrocketing prison populations are the result of stringent initiatives. Others point out that a reduction in violent crimes is consistent with harsh penalties. Regardless of which…

Lexipol Announces New Fire Procedures Content

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX – February 15, 2018 – Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of its Fire Procedures content. This new offering is a complement to the Fire Policies and Training solution currently available for fire departments in 23 states. Using reports from national organizations on the…

How Self-Care Can Reduce Police Officer Stress

By Dan Fish How do law enforcement officers end up chronically stressed, burned out and suffering from compassion fatigue? Why do so many officers fail to take care of themselves mentally and physically? And how can we help them achieve better health and balance? Questions like these are dominating public safety lately. Look at any law enforcement publication, website or…

Lack of Compliance Creates Instant Liability

By Gordon Graham Gordon Graham here. Thanks for taking the time to read this piece. This is the fourth piece in an ongoing series to expand your knowledge and understanding on the breadth and depth of the discipline of real risk management. In my introductory piece to this series, I commented on the bias that so many people have regarding…

Fire Service Leadership: Are You Winning the Super Bowl Within?

By Sam DiGiovanna As we near the culmination of the NFL season, you might be planning a Super Bowl party or obsessing over your entry in the station’s Super Bowl Squares competition. But there’s another kind of Super Bowl you need to be aware of. It’s the battle between emotions and rational thought that takes place inside all of us.…

Protective Sweep Went Too Far

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Bagley, 877 F.3d 1151 (10th Cir. 2017) Marshals had an arrest warrant for Stephen Bagley for violating the terms of his supervised release. These same marshals also obtained a search warrant for a house, authorizing them only to enter, search for and arrest Bagley. Though Bagley didn’t initially answer the door, he eventually surrendered,…

Prisoner Mail Policy Proper

By Ken Wallentine Simpson v. County of Cape Girardeau, 879 F.3d 273 (8th Cir. 2018) Trey Simpson was a prisoner at the county jail and each week, his mother wrote him several lengthy letters, including pictures and drawings. While Simpson was incarcerated, the county changed the prisoner mail policy, limiting incoming mail to standard white postcards, no larger than 5″…

Does a Fingerprint Unlocking a Cell Phone Mean Self-Incrimination?

By Ken Wallentine State v. Diamond, 2018 WL 443356 (Minn. 2018) When M.H. returned home after running errands, she saw that the attached garage’s entry door had been kicked in. A burglar had stolen a safe, a laptop, and several items of jewelry. Additionally, M.H. found an envelope in her driveway that had the name of S.W. written on it,…

Officer’s Use of Agency’s Inventory Policy Protects Against Protest

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Sanchez, 2018 WL 446172 (10th Cir 2018) A trooper spotted David Sanchez speeding. When the trooper pulled Sanchez over, Sanchez handed the trooper a passport and an expired Enterprise rental contract in the name of Alexis Fernandez. Fernandez was not in the car and in bold type, the rental contract stated, “NO OTHER DRIVERS…

Lexipol Introduces New Policy and Training Solution for Georgia Fire Departments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX – January 24, 2018 – Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of its Fire Policies and Training solution for Georgia fire departments. The new service includes policy content, management and related training delivered via an online platform and mobile app. Lexipol helps public safety…

Shedding Light on Firefighter PTSD

By Sean W. Stumbaugh, Battalion Chief (Retired) When I was a supervisor in the fire department, my crews had a nickname for me: The Red Man. I embraced the moniker to some degree and I would joke with them, “Don’t make me take out the Red Man.” This was a term of endearment (at least that’s what I liked to…

Lexipol Introduces New Policies and Training Solutions for Indiana Fire Departments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX – January 17, 2018 – Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of its Fire Policies and Training solution for Indiana fire departments. The new service includes policy content, management and related training delivered via an online platform and mobile app. Lexipol helps public safety…

Apparatus Operations, Social Media Top List of Lexipol’s 2017 Firefighter Training Topics

Emergency Driving and Member Speech, Expression and Social Networking were the most-represented topics in Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program for fire departments in 2017. Departments using the DTB program had access to 120 unique firefighter training bulletins last year, providing nearly 4 hours of training. An end-of-year summary from Lexipol provides details into the topics covered in the training…

Lexipol’s Corrections Officer Training Program Focuses on Inmate Management, Administration in 2017

Use of Force, Management of Weapons and Control Devices, and Searches topped the list of topics covered in Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program for corrections facilities in 2017. All three topics are part of the Inmate Management category, which accounted for 24% of the DTBs issued in 2017. Agencies using Lexipol’s (DTB) program had access to 240 unique corrections…

Are There Walruses in Your Risk Management Plan?

By Gordon Graham Gordon Graham here. As I promised in my last piece, I want to spend some time covering each of the 10 Families of Risk and get you thinking about what specific risks apply to you and your organization in each of these families, and what control measures you have (or should have) in place to address each…

A Heated Discussion: Sexual Harassment in the Fire Service

By Sam DiGiovanna Turn on any news channel these days and you’ll see sexual harassment dominating the headlines. There’s a lot of attention on inappropriate behavior in the workplace—mostly men harassing women, although anyone can be the target or the perpetrator of such behavior. The news stories mostly deal with famous people, but you don't have to be a Hollywood…

TASERs, Emergency Response Top Lexipol’s 2017 Law Enforcement Training Topics

The use of conducted energy devices/TASERs topped the list of training topics covered in Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program in 2017. Officer response to emergency calls and the use of department computers, email and MDTs were also highly represented. Agencies using Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program had access to 360 unique law enforcement training bulletins last year, providing…

When the Bells Ring! New Year’s Eve Firefighter Safety Tips from Chief Sam

By Sam DiGiovanna New Year’s Eve is always a special night—we gather with family and friends, and sometimes hit the town—to ring in the new year. But it’s not all fun and games. Safety is a must when participating in the festivities. Following are a few safety tips you can relate to that will help you stay safe and sound…

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Carpenter v. United States

By Ken Wallentine Carpenter v. United States, U.S., No. 16-402, argued November 29, 2017 Justice Neil M. Gorsuch took center stage with his robust questions from the bench during arguments in the Carpenter v. United States case, the one likely to determine whether the government must obtain a warrant for historical cellphone location records from mobile phone service providers. Present…

Rear Seat Search by Law Enforcement Allowed to Gain Trunk Access

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Mirabal, 2017 WL 5761191 (10th Cir. 2017) A deputy had reliable information (a tip from other government agents) that Gabriel Mirabal, a convicted felon, had an assault rifle in the trunk of his car. The deputy saw Mirabal speeding and stopped him. When the deputy opened the trunk to search for the assault rifle,…

Top Public Safety Articles from Lexipol in 2017

From new threats such as synthetic opioids to tried-and-true challenges involving social media and use of force policies, 2017 was a busy year for public safety. And Lexipol’s subject matter experts were busy too, publishing more than 110 articles to keep you on top of the issues. We’re betting you didn’t read them all, so here’s a quick recap of…

Law Enforcement Officer's Search Warrant Illegal, Though Authorized

By Ken Wallentine Sims v. Labowitz, 2017 WL 6031847 (4th Cir. 2017) Trey Sims, 17 years old, used his mobile phone to record himself fondling his erect penis. He sent the video recordings and photos to his 15-year-old girlfriend. Sims indubitably hoped the girlfriend would safeguard the images; however, the girlfriend’s mother had a peek—enter the police. A detective seized…

Law Enforcement Officer Bus Interdiction Wasn't a "Roadblock"

By Ken Wallentine United States v. Wise, 2017 WL 6030636 (5th Cir. 2017) Morris Wise was a passenger on a Greyhound bus bound for Chicago from Houston. At a regular stop, interdiction officers boarded the bus and the bus driver consented to a search of the passenger compartment. One of the interdiction officers walked to the back of the bus,…

The Most Challenging Shift You'll Work: Preparing for Public Safety Retirement

By Shirl Tyner Some people think about it from time to time. Some people dream about it. Some people can’t even imagine it. Some people already did it. What, you ask? Retirement. Are you ready? After a career in public safety, you probably have an idea of the legacy you’ve built and the effect your departure will have on the…

We've Been Here Before: The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on DUI

By Jim Concannon The United States has a history of making intoxicating substances, like alcohol and marijuana, illegal under the guise of weakening moral values. So-called moral offenses—drinking alcohol, gambling, cheating on your spouse—offend some people to the point where they feel legislation banning or restricting such activities is needed. This, of course, is how Prohibition came into effect in…

Firefighter Safety in Winter Weather: Review 2017

By Scott Eskwitt As we come into the winter months (some of you have already had snow or icy conditions), it’s a good time for fire personnel to review some Lexipol policies relevant to winter weather and firefighter safety. Winter conditions create special issues impacting operations, personnel performance and department safety. Each of these areas should be reviewed prior to…

Problems Lying in Wait: Why You Need to Take Risk Management Seriously

By Gordon Graham Gordon Graham here, and again, thanks for taking the time to read this brief piece. In my last article I introduced you to the breadth and depth of “real risk management” and why this discipline is much more than the “safety stuff.” In this article, I want to further explain why too many government organizations—including the high-risk…

In Brief: Fire Law Review Fall 2017

By Curt Varone This is the first quarterly fire law review covering some of the top legal headlines in the fire service between July 1, 2017 to October 1, 2017. Cybercasualties: Whether you refer to the problem as Social Media-Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome, or you refer to those involved as cybercasualties, there’s no shortage of content for the You Can’t…

Fire Service Communications: Is It Time to Change Your Tactical Frequency?

By Sam DiGiovanna The tones go off, and just like that we’re on our way to a reported structure fire in a commercial district with lots of dangerous, occupied facilities. Leaving the station, we see a large dark column of smoke rising rapidly into the sky. Verdugo Fire has a first-alarm response and Los Angeles County Fire sends a commercial…

    (844) 312-9500

Director Daniel Keen
Northampton (PA) Department of Corrections

“It came down to three main factors for us: safety, time and efficiency. This is a way to protect  the staff, public and inmates in the best interest of all.”

Major Jeff Fox
Vigo County (IN) Sheriff's Office

“Lexipol’s Implementation Services program was key to getting our manuals off the shelf. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be implemented today. Departments should recognize their limitations and realize that they likely don’t have the resources to do it on their own. Implementation Services is key to getting it done.”

Chief Deputy Ray Saylo
Carson City (NV) Sheriff's Office

"It’s a huge priority of this administration to teach policy to our sergeants, and Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletins help us do that. We are constantly drilling into them that policy will protect them as an individual officer. If they ensure that their people are following policy, even if they’re sued, they will be OK.”

Sgt. Bryan Ward
Cumberland County (PA) Sheriff's Office

"Calling Lexipol an insurance policy doesn’t do it justice, because it doesn’t capture the enormous power that partnering with Lexipol provides.”

Chief Deputy Klint Anderson
Weber County (UT) Sheriff's Office

“We spent a considerable amount of money and effort trying to develop and maintain comprehensive and legally based policies and procedures. Lexipol has relieved us of that burden and provided us with a policy system that we have great confidence in and that we can tailor to suit our particular goals and community standards.”

Sheriff Blaine Breshears
Morgan County (UT) Sheriff's Office

“We had a use of force lawsuit, and as soon as the attorneys discovered that we have Lexipol, they said, ‘We won’t have an issue there.’ Our policies were never in question.”

Lt. Craig Capps
White County (TN) Sheriff's Office

"I would recommend Lexipol to any law enforcement agency, whether three-person or 2,000-person—it makes no difference. The program works.”

Chief John Defore
Hiawatha, KS

“By offering 365 daily training bulletins to my officers, I am saving far more than the cost of the software every year. In fact, I was able to show my commissioners a cost savings by utilizing Lexipol for our policy and policy training needs.”

Captain Jeff Schneider
Yakima (WA) Police Department

“KMS tracks and logs when people acknowledge and accept updates, which is very important, and it lets us track who isn’t getting the updates so we can give them the appropriate attention.”

Chief David Maine
The Village of Hunting Valley (OH) Police Department

“What we had before Lexipol had been around for years. It was like every other policy manual I had seen: It didn’t get the updates it needed. The Lexipol manual is a living, breathing document.”

Chief Deputy Lauren Osborne
Surry County (NC) Sheriff’s Office

“If there’s a change as a result of case law, or a procedure that needs to change, Lexipol does the legwork, sends it to us, we approve it and send it out to our people for acknowledgement—and it’s all documented.”

Sheriff Gerald Antinoro
Storey County (NV) Sheriff’s Office

“Lexipol is one of the best products I have seen in my 30+ years in law enforcement.”

Deputy Chief John McGinty
Simi Valley (CA) Police Department

“You get sued for your policies or you get sued for your actions, or both. You can only do so much about actions. But having Lexipol gives me confidence that if we draw a lawsuit, our policies won’t come under attack.”

Chief Kelly Stillman
Rocky River (OH) Police Department

“I can’t say enough about the positives from a chief’s perspective. I don’t know why everyone isn’t with Lexipol.”

Chief Jeff Wilson
Orofino (ID) Police Department

“The Lexipol Policy Manual is easy to use, it’s convenient and you have peace of mind knowing that you have a thorough manual that is going to stand up to any challenge the agency may face.”

Chief Ralph Maher
Oak Creek (CO) Police Department

“With Lexipol, I know our policy manual is going to be up to date. I can turn my back on it today and tomorrow there will be any needed updates waiting for me. That allows me to focus on some of the other things I have to do as a chief.”

Chief Steven Vaccaro
Mokena (IL) Police Department

“If you compare Lexipol to other policy providers, Lexipol is the only one that has policy that has been vetted by other chiefs, industry experts and lawyers. All you have to do is tailor the policies to your agency’s needs.”

Commander Leslie Burns
Mercer Island (WA) Police Department

“Lexipol provides a huge advantage for agencies pursuing accreditation. The tools take about 60% of the difficulty out of the accreditation process. If you want to be accredited, this is the way to do it.”

Deputy Chief Robin Passwater
Kankakee (IL) Police Department

“If you don’t have Lexipol, even with a full-time person dedicated to policy, there’s almost no way you can keep updated on all the laws and also have the training component. It’s an excellent system.”

Assistant Chief Bill Holmer
Glen Ellyn (IL) Police Department

“It’s a no-brainer for me. Someone is watching for changes to laws for me, and then tweaking the content based on those changes or updates in best practices.”

Lt. Ed Alvarez
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) (CA) Police Department

“I like the mobile app because it tells me no matter where I am when I have updates to complete or when people take the DTBs. No matter where I am, I have access. The officers can get real-time updates. Everything is at their fingertips, any time.”

Chief Greg Knott
Basalt (CO) Police Department

“Lexipol gives you peace of mind because the policies that you’re implementing have been reviewed by professionals in the field and by attorneys—not just your agency’s legal counsel.”

Chief Corry Blount
Bartonville (TX) Police Department

“I feel comfortable that when we issue a policy, it covers what it needs to cover. It’s the most comprehensive policy content I’ve used in my career.”

Lt. Victor Pecoraro
Auburn (CA) Police Department

“The updates are super easy because you can pop them open, see the redline versions and be able to edit it on the fly. Once I learned I could do that, I was excited.”

Chief Joseph Morris
Arapahoe Community College (CO) Police Department

“Officers are not infallible. We have limited memories like everyone else. Working under stress presents more challenges. There are times we need to access policies in the field so we are comfortable in our decision making. The mobile application has been great for this!”

Captain Jesus Ochoa
Coronado (CA) Police Department

“Knowing that Lexipol is keeping our policies current means that there isn’t something else for us to worry about. We can focus on our jobs. That definitely gives us peace of mind.”

Chief Steven Vaccaro
Mokena (IL) Police Department

“If you compare Lexipol to other policy providers, Lexipol is the only one that has policy that has been vetted by other chiefs, industry experts and lawyers. All you have to do is tailor the policies to your agency’s needs.”

Jim Franklin, Executive Director
Minnesota Sheriffs' Association, MN

"Lexipol is, indeed, ahead of the curve with their unique risk management solutions in law enforcement. The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association has been eagerly anticipating the release of the Lexipol Custody Manual. Lexipol meets the needs of law enforcement and custodial agencies by recognizing the emerging challenges facing our agencies, and providing comprehensive tools and resources to reduce liability and risk in a professional and highly efficient manner. The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association is proud of its continued partnership with Lexipol."

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