Exclusive Benefits for KACP Members

Exclusive Benefits for KACP Members

Through a partnership with Lexipol, KACP members receive a 5% discount on Lexipol’s Kansas Law Enforcement and/or Custody Policy Manuals and Daily Training Bulletin service. Lexipol is America’s leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety organizations and is currently in use in more than 2,500 agencies nationwide. See below for additional resources available as part of our partnership.

Read about why the Hiawatha (KS) Police Department chose Lexipol.

Urgent legal update: Several new state laws affecting law enforcement agencies became effective July 1, 2016. Are your policies up to date? Lexipol stays on top of emerging legislation and updates policies accordingly. Following are just a couple highlights:

2015 SB 0022 requires that certain individuals be permitted to review video recordings made by law enforcement agencies, including body-worn devices and in-car cameras. Download the updated Portable Audio/Video Recorders Policy

2015 SB 0408 grants authority for the creation of multidisciplinary teams to investigate child abuse and adult abuse. Download the updated Child Abuse Policy and Adult Abuse Policy

Partnership Benefits

  • Policy content that reflects best practices and is compliant with Michigan state and federal laws – Agencies can reduce the significant liability and safety risks associated with inconsistent, out-of-date policies.
  • Automatic updates – Lexipol’s team of legal and law enforcement experts continuously researches state and federal legislation and case law and provides agencies with needed policy updates. Agencies save hundreds of personnel hours each year on updating policy and have confidence that their policy addresses evolving issues in law enforcement.
  • Daily Training Bulletins – Policy content is supplemented by scenario-based Daily Training Bulletins (DTBs) that focus on the agency’s policies and high-risk, low-frequency events. DTBs are available on any mobile device and the Lexipol system tracks individual officer completion.


Chief John Defore_Hiawatha

“By offering 365 daily training bulletins to my officers,
I am 
saving far more than the cost of the software
every year. In fact, I was able to show my commissioners
a cost savings by utilizing Lexipol for our
policy and policy training needs.”

—Chief John Defore, Hiawatha (KS) Police Department

Additional Partnership Resources

Today’s Tip from Gordon GrahamSubscribe to free, weekly two-minute risk management videos from Lexipol’s co-founder Gordon Graham.

Real Risk Management, Part 1 – Article series by Gordon Graham. Learn about the 10 Families of Risk and how you can build the necessary organizational infrastructure to protect against risks facing your agency.

Get Started!

For more information about reducing your department’s risk and liability through Lexipol, contact Karen James, Kansas State Representative, at 949/325-1230 or kjames@lexipol.com.


    (844) 312-9500

Director Daniel Keen
Northampton (PA) Department of Corrections

“It came down to three main factors for us: safety, time and efficiency. This is a way to protect  the staff, public and inmates in the best interest of all.”

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