Lexipol is America’s leading provider of state-specific policy management resources for law enforcement organizations. Lexipol offers a customizable, reliable and regularly updated online policy manual service, daily training bulletins on your approved policies, and implementation and management services to allow us to manage the administrative side of your policy manual.

  • Custom Policy Content

    Lexipol provides customizable, state-specific, web-based Law Enforcement Policy Manuals with an integrated training component to help police, sheriff, probation, state and federal agencies operate more efficiently and effectively. We provide comprehensive, defensible policies written by legal and public safety professionals. Learn More ›

  • Daily Training Bulletins

    Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletins bring the manual into practice through real-life, scenario-based training exercises emphasizing high-risk, low frequency events. Completed and verified in less than ten minutes per day, Daily Training Bulletins may qualify for continuous training certification. Learn More ›

  • Implementation and Management Service

    Lexipol’s experienced team can assist with implementation of your Lexipol manual, freeing your personnel to focus on serving and protecting the community. Lexipol’s team can also manage the administration of critical updates for your policy manual and manage your agency’s Daily Training Bulletins. Lexipol’s Implementation and Management services allow your agency to control and distribute policy and training while we do all the work. Learn More ›


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Featured Case Study

Hillside Police Department

Hillside's current policies, developed in partnership with Lexipol, help them avoid "the blind spots that are sometimes inherent in the single-person approach."

Partner Testimonial

"I have struggled with the duty to provide clear, concise, up-to-date and legally defensible policies. The task of reviewing and updating policy seemed to be never ending and almost impossible without utilizing more personnel and resources than we could afford. I would highly recommend Lexipol as they provide ongoing, constant review and updated policy consistent with current case law and best practices at a very reasonable cost. This allows us to better manage our resources and protect our agency and personnel."

John Smith, Chief
Saratoga PD, OH

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