Midland (MI) Police Department

More time, decreased risk, better trained officers and assistance with accreditation—these are just a few of the benefits the Midland Police Department is realizing with Lexipol's Law Enforcement Policies and…

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Ottawa County (MI) Sheriff's Office

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is using Lexipol's Law Enforcement Policies & Training solution to achieve long-term cost savings, reducing resources allocated to policy maintenance and avoiding expensive policy-based lawsuits.

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Miami Shores (FL) Police Department

The Miami Shores Police Department is using Lexipol's Law Enforcement Policies and Training solution to enhance efficiency, reduce risk and ensure its policies reflect the latest legislation and best practices.

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Jefferson (GA) Fire Department

The Jefferson Fire Department is using Lexipol policies to reduce risk to the department, the city and its firefighters.

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Fort Myers (FL) Fire Department

When John Caufield joined the Fort Myers Fire Department (FMFD) as chief in 2017, he did what any new chief would do: He began reviewing the department’s policies and procedures.…

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Northampton County (PA) Department of Corrections

Lexipol policies have helped the Northampton DOC position for ACA accreditation while supporting cultural change.

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Canonsburg (PA) Police Department

After researching the curriculum, instructors, course content, and case studies, Canonsburg department personnel identified PoliceOne Academy as a simple, cost-effective training asset.

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White County (TN) Sheriff’s Office

The White County Sheriff's Office has reduced policy violations and improved accountability using Lexipol's policy management features. And the officers appreciate the enhanced accessibility to the agency's policies.

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