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Indianapolis Metropolitan (IN) Police Department

PoliceOne Academy helped the IMPD set customizable deadlines and notifications for all assignments, provide courses on scenarios relevant to current events, track course completion progress and train recruits.

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Weatherford (TX) Police Department

Working with Lexipol helped the Weatherford Police Department implement policies that support officers in using their discretion when making decisions.

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Morgan County (UT) Sheriff's Office

Lexipol's policies have helped the Morgan County Sheriff's Office successfully navigate a use of force lawsuit and reduced workload associated with policy updates as legislation changes.

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Bartonville (TX) Police Department

For the Bartonville Police Department, the benefit of the Lexipol system is in how it combines features such as electronic policy issuance and acknowledgment reports with trusted policy content.

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Castle Shannon (PA) Police Department

By using Lexipol for the Castle Shannon Police Department's policy refresh, Chief Ken Truver was able to achieve a long-term policy goal while also spending taxpayer dollars wisely.

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Grants Pass (OR) Department of Public Safety

With automatic policy updates in response to case law and new legislation, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety now has confidence their policies are kept up to date. Lexipol has…

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SUNY-Farmingdale (NY) Police Department

Using Lexipol’s electronic platform has made it easier for the SUNY-Farmingdale Police Department to disseminate information across the ranks, track policy acknowledgment and deliver policy-related training.

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Centennial Lakes (MN) Police Department

The Centennial Lake Police Department's used Lexipol to implement a new body camera policy in line with state law, familiarize officers with the policy before the new policy became effective,…

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Mission (KS) Police Department

Lexipol has proven a sound investment for the Mission Police Department, giving officers quick access to the policies, which in turn enhances their confidence.

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Mokena (IL) Police Department

The development of the Mokena Police Department's policy manual has helped foster a common understanding of the department’s operations, which in turn has increased productivity and service to the community.

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Kankakee (IL) Police Department

The combination of comprehensive, legally defensible policy and regular training offered through Lexipol has proved vital in helping the Kankakee Police Department navigate state and local laws and regulations, accreditation…

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Greenfield (WI) Fire Department

For almost 10 years, it had been a goal of the Greenfield Fire Department (GFD) to rewrite its policy manual. But the situation had never been critical—until 2011.

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