Located just outside of San Antonio, Seguin Police Department (SPD) is a mid-size law enforcement agency with 59 sworn officers serving more than 30,000 citizens. The SPD has a reputation for highly trained officers and first-class equipment.

The Challenge

Seguin Police Department’s online training program needed a cost-effective way of conducting roll call training, ensuring new policies and procedures were communicated and implemented, and filling training gaps in the department. Another concern was the rising costs associated with training such as travel time and fuel costs to and from training centers.  Ideally, if the department could cut costs associated with training, the savings could then be reallocated for other needs within the department.

The Solution

Following implementation with PoliceOne Academy, SPD can now conduct supervisory and department-wide training, disseminate new policies, assign specialty and state-mandated courses, and distribute The Crime Records (CR) Service Quarterly Newsletters.

PoliceOne Academy’s tracking and reporting capabilities help SPD reduce liability and ensure compliance by providing reports documenting whether personnel have reviewed new policies and are up to date on mandated courses. The department also uses PoliceOne Academy videos for productive roll call training, decreasing the time officers are off the street by documenting training completed during shift changes.

The Results

PoliceOne Academy has provided Seguin Police Department’s online training program with an efficient way to send out new and revised policies and keep track of compliance. The policy portion of the Academy has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire department.

"The Academy has been instrumental in streamlining our policy dissemination. Our patrol and communications division use it regularly and I love the policy portion of the program."

- Captain Maureen Watson Support Services, Seguin Police Department

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