Thank you.

You are a few steps away from having access to online coronavirus-related courses and policies. A representative will be reaching out to gather more information so that we can complete your platform setup. In the meantime, don’t forget to run the below reports in ESO so you can prepare your roster and credential information. Both can be found in Ad Hoc under Global Reports > PM.

  • Lexipol User Roster
  • Lexipol EMS License/Credential Report
Once you have access to the system:
  1. Select courses and content to assign to your personnel. (Want to preview content before assigning it? Use our individual access link to view courses, policies and more.)
  2. Upload content specific to your organization (if desired).
  3. Electronically assign training and policy review to your staff.
  4. Track their progress and send reminders as needed.

Any data or content you submit or training records created when your personnel complete assignments remain the property of your agency. You can access these records at any time.

Please allow 24 – 48 hours for our customer support specialists to process your request.

Having problems? Contact support.

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