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Podcasts are one of the fastest growing media promotional opportunities available to marketers today. While they have been around for several years, many celebrities and influencers have begun their own podcasts, adding to the popularity of the medium and creating a great marketing platform for brands looking for an effective way to connect to a new and unique audience.

According to SEMrush, people are nearly 20% more likely to consider supporting a brand that is advertised on their favorite podcast. Additionally, 60% of listeners say they searched for a product that was mentioned on a podcast.

Lexipol Media Group’s four podcasts – Inside EMS and EMS One Stop on EMS1, Policing Matters on Police1, and Better Every Shift on FireRescue1 – are high-quality weekly programs that cover the latest news and hot topics within each industry, drawing an engaged and qualified audience of EMS, police and fire professionals.

As a sponsor of one of these long-running podcasts, you can strategically and regularly place your brand in front of an engaged audience by incorporating your product directly into the program via the interview or through a “live” product review.

Additionally, your brand would be promoted across our sites, on various social media platforms and in our various enewsletters – wherever we promote the podcasts. You’ll also be able to embed the podcast series on your own site or use in your social media promotion. The subjects listed below will be discussed during one podcast in the specified month. The remaining podcasts in that month will cover current events and topical issues.


In Police1’s Policing Matters podcast, Deputy Chief Jim Dudley engages with law enforcement leaders, police officers and criminal justice experts in discussions on policing strategies, trends and today’s challenges. Whether your badge says patrol, chief or detective, you’ll find enlightening conversation around all matters impacting the law enforcement profession right now.

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25,000+ average monthly plays

June – Recruitment & Retention
July – Report Writing
August – Drug Interdiction
September – Community Policing Strategies
October – Law Enforcement Performance Measurement
November – Crisis Intervention Training & Response
December – Officer Street Survival


FireRescue1’s podcast Better Every Shift spotlights the passion and perseverance of firefighters. Hosted by Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter with the Madison (Wis.) Fire Department, and Janelle Foskett, FireRescue1 editor-in-chief, the show brings kitchen table conversations to the airwaves, always focused on solutions, positivity and the realities of station life. Zamzow, Foskett and guests tackle hot topics and fire service news with a dash of pop culture, bringing some levity to the often very serious nature of the profession. Better Every Shift digs into what drives firefighters to improve themselves, their crew and the fire service as a whole.

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6,250+ average monthly plays

June – Member Morale
July – Radio Communications
August – Career Advancement
September – Incident Command Insights
October – Building Community Trust
November – Mental Health
December – History Repeats Itself: Learning From Our Mistakes


Inside EMS presented by EMS1 is a weekly podcast that offers industry insight, expert perspectives on hot topics and clinical issues, as well as operational and leadership lessons for EMS personnel. Listen as hosts Chris Cebollero, an executive leadership chief and former EMS chief, and Kelly Grayson, a respected EMS educator and critical care paramedic, debate a variety of issues in today’s EMS from the effectiveness of point-of-care ultrasound to patient transport via fire truck, and all topics in between.

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June – Infection Control
July – Applicant Red Flags
August – What Paramedics Want in 2023
September – Tips for Educators
October – Respiratory Illness
November – Communication
December – What EMS Needs in 2024


The EMS One Stop podcast is hosted by Rob Lawrence, a member of the EMS1 Editorial Advisory Board and frequent contributor. He is currently the director of strategic implementation for PRO EMS and its educational arm, Prodigy EMS, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and part-time executive director of the California Ambulance Association. In this podcast, Rob breaks down takeaways from industry news and events and tackles the challenges that face today’s EMS leadership. He is joined by a host of top names in emergency services, who share their experience and insights into how to advance EMS.

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June – Leadership
July – Operational Efficiency
August – Retention
September – Legal Issues
October – Education
November – Legislation
December – Prepping for 2024 Trends

38,000+ average monthly plays across both EMS podcasts

All episodes of Lexipol Media Group’s four podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube and RSS feed.

Sponsorships are available per month, with additional discounts offered for three-month sponsorships.

Contact Lexipol Media Group to learn more about our podcasts and how they can fit into your integrated marketing plans.

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The Lexipol Media Group leverages a highly engaged audience and product portfolio to connect first responders and local government officials with the companies, products and brands that serve them. Our industry-leading brands—Police1, FireRescue1, EMS1, Corrections1 and Gov1—create unparalleled content that aims to train, educate and inform. Part of Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and wellness support for first responders and public servants, the Lexipol Media Group includes 4.8 million monthly users and more than 670,000 unique email subscribers.

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