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Lexipol Announces the Acquisition of LEFTA Systems

Lexipol has acquired LEFTA Systems, an innovative provider of field training and performance reporting software for law enforcement. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Lexipol’s vision to create an integrated solution that will set a new standard for performance excellence in public safety.

What Does This Mean

This acquisition means more than simply adding LEFTA Systems’ data collection and analytics tools to Lexipol’s comprehensive range of services. It will offer you a holistic solution that combines predictive insights and prevention strategies, bringing a modern approach to lifting individual and department performance that does not exist in public safety today.

Hundreds of leading law enforcement agencies already use LEFTA Systems’ and Lexipol software side-by-side, and we’re excited to bring the solutions closer together to unlock powerful workflows.

Hear From Our Leaders

“Every day, personnel in public safety have an opportunity to have a positive impact on someone’s life. Lexipol and LEFTA's combined solutions will support public safety personnel in that mission, helping agencies set key performance indicators, measure progress against benchmarks, and most importantly, invest in our most precious asset, our people."

Gordon Graham, Co-Founder, Lexipol

“We built LEFTA Systems to integrate hundreds of data points, providing law enforcement leaders with unparalleled insight into all areas of their operations. Joining Lexipol empowers leaders with the policy, training and wellness solutions they need to use this data in actionable ways.”

Bryan Selzer, CEO and Founder, LEFTA Systems

"This acquisition is a transformative step toward enabling holistic, integrated performance management in law enforcement agencies. LEFTA Systems’ mission-critical tools align perfectly with Lexipol’s offerings, and we are now uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive solution that combines predictive insights and development tools to enable agency leaders to optimally train and develop their personnel. LEFTA also helps us extend our training solutions to cover the entire public servant career journey from onboarding through retirement.”

Bill Nunan, CEO, Lexipol

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We are thrilled to add LEFTA Systems’ reporting applications – including FTO, use of force, vehicle pursuits, internal affairs and community engagement – to Lexipol’s comprehensive offerings.

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