Georgia, Florida Agencies Partner with Lexipol for Fire Policy Solution

by | September 19, 2019

Lexipol, the leading content, policy and training platform for public safety and local government, is pleased to announce two new customers for its Fire Policy and Training Solution: Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services in Georgia and Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Florida. The agencies – among Lexipol’s largest customers – protect 1,400 square miles in communities totaling 1.7 million residents.

Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services was founded in 1967 and operates 15 stations in north central Georgia. The 411 fire service members on staff respond to nearly 51,000 calls per year. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, founded in the 1950s, operates 43 stations in the Tampa area. More than 1,000 fire service members are on staff and respond to approximately 104,000 calls per year.

The agencies – among Lexipol’s largest customers – protect 1,400 square miles in communities totaling 1.7 million residents.

Developed by industry professionals and public safety attorneys, the Lexipol Fire Policy and Training Solution includes more than 165 state-specific policies and 25 procedures for high-risk operations that are continuously updated to meet changes in laws and best practices. The subscription-based service also includes training bulletins, policy acknowledgment tracking and a mobile app where firefighters can access policies and procedures.

“We are pleased to welcome both departments,” said Lexipol Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Corbin. “By partnering with Lexipol, these agencies demonstrate their commitment to departmental and operational excellence as well as enhancing the safety of the communities they serve.”

This sentiment was echoed by Clayton County Fire Chief and EMA Director Landry Merkison. “Lexipol has relieved the burden of developing and maintaining our policies,” Chief Merkison said. “We have peace of mind, knowing our manual is always up-to-date based on current legislation and best practices.”

Along with policies and procedures, the two departments have access to training resources that help personnel learn and apply policies. “The Daily Training Bulletins are invaluable for ensuring policy and procedure understanding,” said Hillsborough Fire Chief Dennis Jones. “The scenario-based questions are a quick and easy way to create accountability.”

Lexipol currently offers public safety policies and training to more than 8,100 agencies in 35 states.

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Lexipol provides public safety and local government with solutions that combine the impact of information with the power of technology. We serve more than 2 million first responders and local government officials with policies, training, wellness resources, grant assistance, and news and analysis.

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