Lexipol and Fleury Risk Management Announce Partnership Providing Public Safety Policies and Training

Lexipol, the leading content, policy and training platform for public safety agencies, and Fleury Risk Management (FRM), group manager for NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497, are pleased to announce a partnership offering policy solutions for public safety and local government organizations. FRM delivers workers’ compensation programs to over 400 members across New York, including municipalities, fire departments and emergency services, primarily through NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497. Lexipol and FRM formed this partnership to assist first responders and local governments in New York reduce the risk of injuries and strengthen their current agency policies and procedures, reducing risk, liability and costs associated with out-of-date or incomplete policies.

Developed by industry professionals and public safety attorneys, the Lexipol New York Policies and Training solution includes comprehensive policies for law enforcement agencies and fire departments that are continuously updated to meet changes in laws and best practices. The subscription-based service also includes short, scenario-based training bulletins to reinforce policy content and accountability reporting.

“We are excited to partner with Fleury Risk Management to provide their members with access to comprehensive policies and training,” said Lexipol Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Corbin. “This partnership allows us to work collaboratively with public safety and local government personnel in New York and mitigate risk for FRM membership.”

John Fleury, President of Fleury Risk Management agreed, saying, “Working to help keep our customers and first responders safe is our number one priority. By using the resources provided by Lexipol, public safety personnel will be able to not only reduce their risks but also better protect the welfare of the citizens in the communities they serve. We are very excited about this partnership as we endeavor to provide the best quality service and resources to our customers.”

As part of the agreement, members of NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497 will be offered the Lexipol policies and training bulletins at a discount. FRM will also be providing grant options to offset the costs of new Lexipol subscriptions.

To learn more, visit https://www.lexipol.com and www.fleuryrisk.com.

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