Lexipol and Police Reform: Response to Indiana Law Journal Article

by | June 1, 2022

An article in the Winter 2022 Indiana Law Journal purports to show how Lexipol has fought against police reform. Lexipol was not contacted by the authors or the editors of the Indiana Law Journal about this article. Much of the information provided by the authors about Lexipol’s products, policy positions and business model is misleading or inaccurate. In addition, several examples cited in the article are outdated and, consequently, many of the reform positions Lexipol has addressed aren’t reflected in the authors’ analysis.

Our goal at Lexipol is to empower first responders and public servants to best serve the needs of their residents safely and responsibly. In our policy work, we welcome diversity of opinion because we know that all voices are important in this conversation – community members, academics, first responders and more. That said, we also want to make sure those adding to the discussion are providing accurate and current information.

Additionally, Lexipol has been actively participating in the policy change conversation and the need to evolve policy positions in response to societal changes. For example, we conducted a complete overhaul of our immigration violations policy in 2019 due to raised concerns. In addition, when the development of DNA testing laid bare the problem of wrongful convictions, faulty eyewitness identifications were revealed as a consistent source of problems. Our legal team worked with the Innocence Project to request input and research on administering identification procedures, which guided our policy revision. Also, in summer 2020, we reviewed our use of force policy and made important updates to require de-escalation, restrict carotid restraints to situations where deadly force is authorized, and expand the duty to intervene to include the reporting of force that is even potentially unreasonable. These positions are detailed on our Police Use of Force website.

We remain committed to listening to differing viewpoints, assisting law enforcement leaders in continuous quality improvement, and advocating for policies that protect the rights of all community members. Our purpose is to support organizations and the residents they serve in the shared goal of creating safer communities for all.

Additional information concerning the inaccuracies in the Indiana Law Journal can be found here.

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