Lexipol Announces Policy and Training Solution for Montana Local Corrections Facilities

by | December 9, 2020

Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and resources for first responders, government leaders and citizens, today announced the introduction of a comprehensive policy solution for Montana local corrections facilities. The service includes a state-specific policy manual and related training easily and conveniently accessible via an online platform designed to put the latest information and best practices just a few clicks away for any user.

Developed by custody professionals and public safety attorneys, Lexipol’s Montana Local Corrections Policies and Training Solution includes 150 policies continuously updated to meet changes in laws and best practices. The subscription-based service also includes short, scenario-based training bulletins to reinforce policy content understanding among personnel, as well as accountability reporting.

“Custody personnel work under high-stress, high-risk conditions, and focusing on their main responsibilities of keeping inmates and facilities secure can be a challenge,” said Lexipol Vice President Tim Kensok. “At Lexipol, we monitor the constantly evolving landscape, updating policies and training to reflect key changes, new legal precedents and best practices across all levels of government. We take the burden of staying current off the agency, allowing them to focus on serving and protecting others.”

The Local Corrections Policy and Training Solution complements Lexipol’s law enforcement policy manual in Montana, establishing wider public safety policy coverage in the state. Visit our website to learn more about Lexipol’s Corrections Policy and Training Solution.

Lexipol provides public safety and local government with solutions that combine the impact of information with the power of technology. We serve more than 2 million first responders and local government officials with policies, training, wellness resources, grant assistance, and news and analysis.

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