Lexipol Introduces New Policy and Training Solution for Oklahoma Fire Departments

Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of Oklahoma Policies and Training solution for fire departments. The new service includes policy and procedural content, management and related training delivered via an online platform and mobile app.

Lexipol helps public safety agencies reduce risk, liability and costs associated with out-of-date or incomplete policies. Developed by fire service professionals and public safety attorneys, the Lexipol Fire Oklahoma Policy Manual includes more than 165 policies and 25 procedures for high-risk operations that are continuously updated to meet changes in laws and best practices. The subscription-based service also includes short, scenario-based training bulletins to reinforce policy content and accountability reporting.

“We are pleased to introduce our policy and training solution to Oklahoma fire departments,” said Lexipol CEO Michael Davis. “The addition of our fire policies will complement our current law enforcement and corrections offerings for complete public safety coverage in Oklahoma.”

The Oklahoma Fire Policies and Training solution is available to the more than 695 fire departments in the state. Lexipol currently offers state-specific fire policies and training in 24 states.

To learn more about Lexipol’s Fire Policies and Training solutions, visit www.lexipol.com/fire.

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