Lexipol’s Corrections Officer Training Program Focuses on Inmate Management, Administration in 2017

by | January 12, 2018

Use of Force, Management of Weapons and Control Devices, and Searches topped the list of topics covered in Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program for corrections facilities in 2017. All three topics are part of the Inmate Management category, which accounted for 24% of the DTBs issued in 2017.

Agencies using Lexipol’s (DTB) program had access to 240 unique corrections officer training bulletins last year, providing a total of 8 hours of training. The 2017 summary report from Lexipol provides details into the topics covered in the training program, which is available to all Lexipol customers. DTBs use a proven system of realistic and verifiable training to expose corrections officers to an agency’s policies and help them apply policy to real-world situations.

Organization and Administration (17%) was the second-highest category, covering topics such as Report Preparation and Employee Speech, Expression and Social Networking. Medical-Mental Health (13%) rounded out the top three training categories, covering topics such as Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Management of Health Records, and Mental Health Services.

The following chart shows the breakdown of main topics:

2017 Corrections Officer Training Topics - Lexipol

“The DTBs cover each of the topics addressed in the Lexipol Corrections Policy Manual,” says Don Weaver, Training Director for Lexipol. “But they also focus on high-risk, low-frequency situations for correctional officers and agencies, such as performing a cell extraction.” Lexipol’s Training team also monitors court cases, emerging trends and current events, and builds DTBs to address them. Emerging topics in 2017 included mentally ill inmates and restrictive housing.

To access the complete listing of 2017 topics, click here.

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