December 15, 2020

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Public Safety & Police Leadership Qualities: Supervisory Standards



Gordon Graham
Category: Public Safety

Gordon Graham here with Today’s Tip from Lexipol.

Today’s Tip is for my law enforcement friends. It’s about leading by example. What does that really mean? Whether you are currently a supervisor or whether you aspire to promote, leading by example is what good cops do every day. From the way you dress to your on-duty conduct. Leading by example is the essence of good policing.

Today I’ll talk about three fundamental leadership components. Knowledge, courage, and attitude.

Take the high ground to improve or develop your leadership skills.

A leader must be knowledgeable. As a supervisor, you should be an expert on policies and procedures. Even an aspiring supervisor should stay abreast of the law and current events related to crime and policing. Knowledge gives leaders the confidence to make decisions without hesitation. To act quickly in chaotic situations. In turn, subordinates learn to trust their leaders.

In times of crisis, law enforcement professionals take charge. Without hesitation, cops run toward danger when others would retreat. This requires courage. But courage as a leader often involves much more. It takes courage to call a subordinate to task for a policy violation. It takes even more courage to report a higher-ranking officer for serious policy violations, such as sexual harassment or improper conduct. A leader is ethical. He or she does the right thing. Even when it’s not easy or popular.

Finally, maintaining a positive attitude is a key attribute for all leaders. How you carry yourself as a leader has a direct result on the quality of subordinate performance. It’s easy to become negative or to adopt the negativity of others around us. Protect, serve, and lead with a professional attitude.

A leader enforces the rules. Someone who acts as a mentor or a coach to subordinates. Take the high ground to improve or develop your leadership skills. Never stop learning. Be courageous and do the right thing. Adopt a positive attitude. Your people and the public depend on you.

And that’s Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Until next time, Gordon Graham signing off.

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