Center for Accreditation Success

Where people, services & technologies partner for accreditation goals

One Source for Your Accreditation Goals

Risk managers, legal experts, federal and state government organizations, and public safety leaders agree that accreditation is the mark of operational excellence—and increasingly the expectation of a well-informed public.

The Center for Accreditation Success (CAS) was created to deliver the most professional and comprehensive support resource dedicated to public safety accreditation. CAS combines Lexipol’s unparalleled policy management services, technology, training and one-on-one professional services with the accreditation expertise of The Rodgers Group, the largest and most successful public safety accreditation consulting company in the country. The result is a unique approach to accreditation success for agencies, accrediting bodies and leaders.

CAS Mission Statement

To provide full-service support to public safety accrediting bodies, the organizations that represent them and the agencies participating in their programs, helping all stakeholders achieve their accreditation goals.

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Strengthen community relationships
through accountability and transparency

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Reduce risk by demonstrating
adherence to best practices

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Enhance professionalism
with training built on high standards

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Reduce costs through lowered premiums and operational efficiencies

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Achieve operational and administrative goals with uniform directives

Not just a service provider—a partner in your success

Join forces with the premier organization for public safety accreditation