New York

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The research that was done on the Lexipol policies, the use of both federal and state law, gave us a lot of confidence.”

– Chief Marvin Fischer, Farmingdale State College State University of New York Police Department

“Our members don’t have to come in to the station to read the policy. That ability to search for what you need and access it immediately—it’s incredible!”

– Chief (ret.) Brian Forte, Guilderland (NY) Fire Department

“Lexipol’s policies are complete and updated to match current industry trends. The quality of the policies backed up by the DTBs was instrumental in having our agency removed from a law suit.”

– Chief Dominick Blasko, Crawford (NY) Police Department

SUNY-Farmingdale (NY) Police Department

Using Lexipol’s electronic platform has made it easier for the SUNY-Farmingdale Police Department to disseminate information across the ranks, track policy acknowledgment and deliver policy-related training.

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Guilderland (NY) Fire Department

Lexipol has helped take the GFD’s policies from pieces of paper that sat in a binder to information that’s instantly accessible to all members.

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West Orange Fire Department

The need to update policies and provide guidance for personnel led the West Orange Fire Department’s decision to work with Lexipol.

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WOFD Public Safety Policy Case Study in New Jersey
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