Juvenile Detention

Resources to successfully supervise and guide youthful offenders

A Foundation for Constitutionally Sound, Effective Rehabilitation

Numerous stakeholders are involved in the treatment of youthful offenders—parents, counselors, educators and the courts, to name a few. Keeping up with these sometimes-competing perspectives while also ensuring offenders receive proper education and medical treatment is resource-intensive and challenging for any juvenile detention administrator.

We can help. Lexipol provides a full library of customizable, state-specific juvenile detention policies that are updated in response to new state and federal laws and court decisions. Our online training platform delivers courses and videos designed to meet corrections training mandates, backed by tools to manage license renewal. We also connect you to grant assistance to make your budget go further and wellness resources that protect your personnel in this high-stress, demanding profession.

Our cost-effective solutions will help your agency enhance safety and accountability—so you can focus on preparing youths to succeed as they transition back into society. Ready to learn more? Request a demo today!


Reduce risk with policies that align with state and federal laws

Meet training mandates with courses covering time-tested tactics and the latest hot topics

Save time and money by spending fewer resources on maintaining policies and training

Keep your personnel safe with evidence-based, consistent guidance

Our Solutions

From news analysis to policy updates to training on emerging threats, Lexipol’s Juvenile Detention solution provides the services you need, including:

Juvenile Detention Policies

165+ state-specific policies written by industry experts and kept up to date as legislation and best practices change

Online Training

550 online courses and training videos for corrections personnel, with the ability to easily manage, assign and track training

Wellness Resources

Confidential, customized, mobile wellness app to enhance your wellness culture and support your personnel 24/7

Grant Services

A comprehensive resource for corrections grant research, grant alerts, application help and custom grant writing services

News and Analysis

A trusted online source of correctional breaking news, expert analysis and product research—all available for free to members

Learn how Lexipol can empower your agency to operate at the highest standard


What Our Customers Are Saying

Northhampton County PA

“Lexipol is a professional organization with expert attorneys that provides the solution we need.”

Director Daniel Keen
Northhampton County (PA) Department of Corrections

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“An extremely useful resource to supplement annual training requirements.”

Undersheriff Mike Johnson
Gila County (AZ) Sheriff’s Department

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