Lexipol Announces Free Police Reform Webinar Series

Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and wellness support for first responders and government leaders, has announced an upcoming webinar series on police reform. The series will consist of three webinars that focus on central reform topics – use of force, crisis response and officer training – featuring  subject matter experts Chief (Ret.) Michael Ranalli and Laura Scarry, partner with DeAno & Scarry in Chicago.

Following the unprecedented events of 2020, many communities are calling for police reform, particularly when it comes to the widely discussed topics featured in the three webinars. The series is designed to advance the conversation around police reform and help both law enforcement agencies and community members increase awareness and understanding of public safety research, information and resources available today.

“The topic of police reform is not something for law enforcement professionals to shy away from because reform can be synonymous with improvement,” said Michael Ranalli, who previously served as chief of the Glenville, New York, Police Department and now serves as a program manager for Lexipol. “Our emphasis should be on engaging the community to make meaningful and effective reform a reality. At Lexipol, our role is to share our public safety expertise to cultivate informed discussions, helping law enforcement and the public determine the best path forward for their communities.”

With the goal of educating, engaging and moving the discussion forward, all three webinars are free and open to law enforcement and interested community members:

  • Use of Force: Policy or Tactics? | March 4, 2021
  • Response to People in Crisis: Mitigating Harm & Enhancing the Safety of All Involved | March 30, 2021
  • Training “Artifacts”: The Role Training—or Lack of Training—Plays in Poor Decisions | April 20, 2021

Over the past several years, Lexipol has consistently hosted relevant and timely webinars for public safety professionals. The strong interest and response to the 2020 webinar, “Duty to Intercede: Conceptual, Cultural and Legal Aspects,” which garnered more than 20,000 views, has encouraged the company to use webinars as a platform to dive deeper into police reform topics. Lexipol also launched a website last year dedicated to providing information to law enforcement and community members on police use of force policy.

Learn more about the upcoming webinar series on police reform.

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