Lexipol & Echelon Front
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Leadership Resources to
Support First Responders

by | January 17, 2023

Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and wellness support for public safety and local government, recently announced a strategic partnership with Echelon Front, the internationally renowned leadership consulting firm founded by former U.S. Navy SEAL officers Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. The partnership will support public safety leadership, wellness and performance through the distribution of custom Echelon Front content in Lexipol’s first responder wellness and learning applications.

Public safety professionals today face dynamic, complex challenges that require high-stakes decision-making and the ability to bounce back from potentially traumatic situations. The Lexipol-Echelon Front partnership will help first responders increase their readiness and resilience by integrating critical leadership principles and resources into their training and wellness programs.

“Partnering with Echelon Front fits perfectly with our strategy of providing public safety professionals with access to the best quality tools and resources to support their overall wellness, leadership and performance,” said Dr. David Black, president of wellness solutions for Lexipol. “Providing this training will positively impact generations of public safety professionals and the communities they serve.”

As an example, Black noted that introducing public safety professionals to Echelon Front leadership principles, including “extreme ownership,” will give them a new lens through which they can more easily focus on what is in their control, detach from what is out of their control, efficiently solve problems and maintain a healthy mindset as they move from call to call.

“The role of a public safety professional may never get easier, but the world-class training and support that we’ll provide through this partnership will help equip them to rise to any challenges the future holds,” said Mandy Nice, Lexipol strategic wellness director.

“Lexipol and Echelon Front are united in our mission to help all public safety agencies create a culture of best-in-class leadership and wellness support that serves as a platform for peak performance, quality of life and longevity,” said Echelon Front CEO Jocko Willink.

Learn more about Lexipol’s Cordico wellness solution and Echelon Front.

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