Emergency Preparedness for First Responders

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Emergency Preparedness for First Responders


Gordon Graham
Category: Public Safety

Gordon Graham here with Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Today’s Tip is for all my friends in public safety. 

As public safety professionals we know that we’ll answer the call 24/7 as we’ve trained.

We plan extensively on how we will respond to disasters in our communities. We spend time with tabletop exercises, live drills, and training. The general public would be amazed at our level of preparedness. We have to anticipate the disasters that may occur in our communities and develop action plans to address them. 

As we go through the year, we know there will be severe storms, power outages, fires, earthquakes, and floods. You name it and it’ll probably happen. As public safety professionals we also know that we’ll answer the call 24/7 as we’ve trained.  

But what about you? What about your well-being in a disaster? Do you have a plan? Do you have a personal disaster kit to get you through these events and possible extended shifts? 

Check your protective gear and have it with you. The time to notice your rain gear, gloves, or helmet is worn out or in the station isn’t when you need them. Have some snacks and water available in the event you cannot get away for a meal. Keep a phone charger and an extra radio battery with you. Be sure your flashlight is charged. Wear contacts? Consider keeping an extra pair of contact lenses or glasses with you. And if you take medication, it wouldn’t hurt to have an emergency dose or two available. 

Lastly, let’s not forget about our loved ones. Make sure they know what to do and where to go if you can’t be with them during an emergency. To help others, we need to know those we love are safe too. Stay safe my friends. Make sure you’re personally ready in the event of an emergency so you can assist others in their time of need. 

And that’s Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Gordon Graham signing off.

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