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Customized, confidential, mobile wellness applications for high-stress occupations

Strengthen Your Wellness Culture

Across the country, personnel in high-risk industries—from law enforcement and fire/EMS to healthcare—endure the effects of constant stress and exposure to critical incidents. Cultural stigmas in these industries often prevent personnel from requesting help. But even if they do reach out, trusted resources are difficult to find.

Lexipol’s wellness solutions—offered through Cordico, a Lexipol company—resolve these challenges, providing personnel in stressful occupations and their family members with on-demand access to confidential, relevant and effective wellness resources. Cordico’s wellness app offers a complete range of self-assessments as well as continuously updated videos and guides on more than 60 behavioral health topics. You can also incorporate agency-specific content as well as one-touch access to peer support, vetted therapists and chaplains. And it’s all backed by 5-star customer service covering design, implementation and ongoing support.

public safety wellness resources from Lexipol and Cordico

Demonstrate your commitment to employee wellness by proactively providing needed resources

Help personnel identify behavioral health issues through anonymous assessments that provide action steps

Improve decision-making and resiliency, which in turn enhances community relations

Increase usage of wellness resources by guaranteeing anonymity and 24/7 access

Reduce worker’s comp costs and sick time by providing critical support before issues progress

Trusted, Tailored Behavioral Health Support

Cordico provides customized wellness applications for public safety agencies, local government, healthcare and corporations. The app includes continuously updated wellness content designed specifically for each industry, as well as the ability to integrate your agency or organization’s custom content.

Most importantly, Cordico wellness apps are entirely confidential and accessible at all times from any smart device—greatly increasing the chance your personnel will use the resources. It’s a constant reminder of your commitment to the mental and behavioral health of your personnel.

Available features include:

  • Customized with your badge/logo, engagement incentives and more
  • Confidential access and utilization
  • Apple iOS and Android compatible
  • Mobile one-touch calling to peer support
  • Teletherapy portal with HIPAA encryption
  • Therapist finder
  • Wellness push notifications

Put Your Agency at the Forefront of Wellness

Learn how a customized, confidential wellness app can transform your organization.


Resources Built for
Prevention & Treatment

Created by experienced clinical and scientific staff, Cordico’s wellness tools and self-assessments are designed to keep your personnel healthy and effective at work.

Wellness Tools

Cordico’s wellness apps include videos, articles and guides created specifically for high-stress occupations. Your personnel can get help on common issues such as trouble sleeping or dealing with tough incidents. They’ll also benefit from a wide range of resources to support work/life balance and career longevity. More than 60 topics are addressed, including anxiety and depression, COVID-19, suicide prevention, mindfulness, financial fitness, family support and more, with resources updated continuously to keep your organization on the cutting edge of wellness support.

Anonymous Self-Assessments

Often, employees suspect they are battling a mental health issue but are unsure where to start. Cordico’s self-assessments are completely confidential and deliver highly specific results aimed at providing instant feedback and next-step guidance. Assessments address a range of topics, from alcohol abuse to post-traumatic stress to resilience.

During a support group session a mid adult man comforts his friend. His hand is on the man's shoulder.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As law enforcement leaders, we must develop solutions that change outcomes and save lives. Cordico is doing just that, connecting officers to innovative mental and behavioral health tools. Cordico’s wellness app helps me take care of my officers. It will save lives.”

Police Chief Neil H. Gang
Pinole (CA) Police Department
Chair, California Police Chiefs Association Wellness Committee
2020 Public Safety Hero of the Year, United States House of Representatives

“The Cordico app has been a game changer for our fire department. This app puts a wealth of information and—most importantly—personal help at our firefighters’ fingertips to keep them mentally healthy. I have received numerous personal ‘thank-yous’ from our firefighters since contracting with Cordico.”

Fire Chief Kris Concepcion
Vacaville (CA) Fire Department

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