FireRescue1 Launches Better Every Shift Podcast

Lexipol’s, the leading online information and training resource for the fire and rescue community, on Thursday launched the Better Every Shift podcast, hosted by Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter/EMT with the Madison (Wisconsin) Fire Department.

Better Every Shift spotlights the passion and perseverance of firefighters and how they can strive to be better every call, every day, every shift. The show aims to bring kitchen table conversations to the airwaves, always focused on solutions and the realities of fire service life. Zamzow and guests tackle hot topics, fire service news with a dash of pop culture, bringing some levity to the often very serious nature of the profession.

“There is truly no better person to command a podcast geared toward passionate firefighters than Aaron Zamzow,” said FireRescue1 Editor-in-Chief Janelle Foskett, who serves as co-host. “Aaron’s drive and dedication to the betterment of the fire service is always front and center – and his energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I have no doubt that firefighters of all ranks will connect with Aaron’s down-to-earth style as he talks with fire service leaders or simply unpacks the latest hot topics getting people fired up on social media.”

The first three episodes feature FDNY Chief Frank Leeb, fire service researcher Dr. Sara Jahnke, and Oakland, California, Fire Chief Reginald Freeman.

“I am so honored and excited for the opportunity to dig into the minds of the leaders, motivators and influencers in our community,” Zamzow said. “I’ve already learned so much from our first few guests, and I can’t wait to take our listeners along for the ride.”

Zamzow is also the founder of Fire Rescue Fitness and serves as a regular health-focused contributor to Lexipol and FireRescue1; however, this new project takes listeners far beyond the world of fire service fitness, Zamzow explained: “Better Every Shift is more than fire tactics, burpees, even current events; it’s about personal growth, connections and leveling up your life – and if I can add some laughter to your day, that’s the bonus.”

New episodes of the Better Every Shift podcast launch every Thursday on as well as major podcast platforms. A video version of the podcast will air on YouTube and podcast platforms that support video.

Subscribe to the show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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