Strength Training Exercises for Firefighters: The Goblet Squat

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We often talk about the need for firefighters to be strong, which leads to a natural focus on strength training in the gym. But we don’t always think about how that strength is applied on fire and EMS calls.

The classic example is the bench press—a firefighter may be able to bench press 350 lbs., but is that effective when balancing in an awkward position to maintain patient stabilization, or crawling through a smoke-filled room? Strength training exercises for firefighters need to be focused on preparing the body for the challenges it will face on the job.

In this quick video, Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter with Madison (WI) Fire Department and founder of Fire Rescue Fitness, explains how the goblet squat does just that. By positioning the weight in front of the body, the goblet squat shifts the focus from the back to the core, building strength where you need it most.


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Aaron Zamzow

AARON ZAMZOW is a firefighter/training officer for Madison Fire Department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in health/wellness and has 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer. Aaron is the founder and owner of and authors programs aimed at getting fire rescue athletes fit for duty. He is also the fitness columnist for Firehouse magazine.

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