The Best of the Best: Lexipol’s Top Public Safety Articles of 2020

Each year brings its own set of challenges, changes and must-have knowledge – and 2020 was certainly no different. This year, Lexipol’s subject matter experts brought you over 180 blogs covering everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to agency culture to mental health and wellness. We’ve compiled the fan favorites from this year for you to review or catch up on key topics you may have missed. Enjoy!


A new category for this past year, our coronavirus articles were topical and relevant to public safety professionals across the country. Particularly popular were those pertaining to first responder stress and self-care. See what tops the list:

  1. Key Takeaways from the IAFC’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update by Shannon Pieper
    At the onset of the pandemic, the IAFC shared an update for fire departments on response, priorities and challenges. This recap of the early update includes key information pertaining to what we knew (and what we didn’t) about the virus, as well as items such as PPE, quarantine and funding.
  2. Coronavirus and the Importance of Infection Control Plans for Public Safety Agencies by Bryan Wilson
  3. Self-Care for Public Safety Professionals During the Coronavirus Crisis by Bill McAuliffe

Honorable Mention:

  1. First Responders, COVID-19 and Stress: Tips for Finding Peace by Crawford Coates

Public Safety Risk Management

From the start, we here at Lexipol have been about risk management! Our co-founder, Gordon Graham, has a monthly blog series where he covers different topics related to risk management in public safety – two of which are featured in this year’s top 3:

  1. The “F” Word in Public Safety by Gordon Graham
    What is the “F” word in public safety, you might ask? Gordon explains that fatigue may be the oft-overlooked cause of tragedy. Public safety personnel are a tired bunch and the issue of fatigue needs to be addressed.
  2. “It Is Raining”: How 3 Words Can Help Manage the Risk of Complacency by Gordon Graham

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement, just like the rest of public safety, faces evolving standards and practices. Hot topics in law enforcement this year often pertained to policy, best practices and safety:

  1. Understanding Excited Delirium: 4 Takeaways for Law Enforcement Officers
    Excited Delirium (ExDS) is a little is known about and often controversial condition related to law enforcement interactions. In this recap of a Lexipol webinar, the team offers key takeaways on the condition itself and the response of officers.
  2. I Can’t Breathe: What It Means for Law Enforcement by Brian Casey
  3. 4 Conditions for Effective De-Escalation by Von Kliem

Honorable Mention:

  1. What You Need to Know About Officer Duty to Intervene by Laura Scarry


Leadership and personnel topics topped the list for fire blogs this year! With so many great fire service contributors with extensive leadership experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of fire departments, that comes as no surprise to us.

  1. Can Fire Departments Prohibit Firefighter Off-Duty Medical Marijuana Use? by Claudine Abraham & Scott Eskwitt
    As many states have legalized medicinal marijuana, fire department leaders are asking the question: What can I prohibit? With legal ramifications and differences between states, this issue has become increasingly complex.
  2. Managing the Risk of “Move Up” Assignments in Fire Departments by Scott Eskwitt
  3. 5 Essential Training Topics for Firefighters

Honorable Mention:

  1. Failure to Lead in the Fire Service: The Consequences of Doing Nothing by Bruce Bjorge


Corrections is yet another dynamic sector of public safety with a unique set of responsibilities and expectations. This year’s most popular articles covered everything from transgender inmate housing arrangements to probation reports.

  1. Addressing Housing and Safety for Transgender Inmates by Gary Cornelius
    The increased presence of special management inmates in corrections facilities means new ways to handle different groups. Transgender inmates are a unique and high-risk group – especially when it comes to housing.
  2. 5 Essential Training Topics for Correctional Officers
  3. Strategies for Writing Effective Probation Reports by Jennifer Ellasces

Honorable Mention:

  1. Causes of Stress for Correctional Officers by Mark Chamberlain & Brad Hompe


Legal issues and public safety issues are often closely intertwined. We regularly feature content on relevant case law, legal proceedings and more. This year’s legal list was topped by three blogs from Chief Ken Wallentine’s monthly Xiphos newsletter:

  1. City Not Compelled to Issue LEOSA Card by Ken Wallentine
    LEOSA can be more complex than it seems at first glance. In this article, Chief Wallentine addresses why an officer who retired before completing a recommended 55-day suspension was not granted a LEOSA card.
  2. No Qualified Immunity for Detaining Man Watching Traffic Stops by Ken Wallentine
  3. 1st Circuit: Officers Can Seize Guns for Community Caretaking by Ken Wallentine

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