November 21, 2017

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Use of Legalized Marijuana

Gordon Graham
Category: Public Safety

Gordon Graham here with Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Today’s Tip is for public safety.

Don’t risk a failed drug test. 

Today’s tip deals with the use of marijuana by public safety personnel.  

I have a simple solution. Don’t. You are risking your career if you do. This is true if you smoke marijuana while on vacation in a state where it is “legal.” It’s also true if you live in a state that has passed laws trying to legalize marijuana 

There’s an old saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But don’t let this saying influence your decision about smoking marijuana during your vacation to Colorado or somewhere else where marijuana is supposedly legal. 

Some departments have policies in place that specifically prohibit marijuana use. Even if they don’t, you can still be disciplined for committing a crime.  

Some people say that marijuana has been “legalized” in certain states. But that is simply wrong. Some states have passed laws that legalize the use or possession of certain amounts of marijuana. But possession of any amount of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. So marijuana is not actually legal anywhere in the United States.  

The best way to deal with socalled legalized marijuana is to stay away. Don’t risk a failed drug test. Follow your department’s policy and follow abide by the law. 

Don’t puff. Just pass. Pass. 

And that’s Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Gordon Graham, signing off. 

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