The First Step in Creating a Firefighter Workout Program: A Goal-Focused Plan

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It’s the New Year, and you’re all fired up about re-committing to take better care of yourself. You did pretty good with your exercise last year, but crawling down hallways with 50 pounds of gear isn’t getting any easier as you get older. So you know you need to keep in shape.

Your motivation is great, but before you hit the gym, you may need to take a step back. Too many firefighters start out motivated to become more fit but wind up frustrated and without having achieved the results they wanted.

That could be because they skip the first step of creating a successful firefighter workout program.

In this quick video, Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter with Madison (WI) Fire Department and founder of Fire Rescue Fitness, shares the first of five essential components to a firefighter workout program. Learn the one item that should accompany you on every workout you do:


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Aaron Zamzow

AARON ZAMZOW is a firefighter/training officer for Madison Fire Department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in health/wellness and has 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer. Aaron is the founder and owner of and authors programs aimed at getting fire rescue athletes fit for duty. He is also the fitness columnist for Firehouse magazine.

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