Lexipol Partners with Axon
to Develop Policy for
the New TASER 10

by | February 21, 2023

Lexipol, the leader in policy, training, and wellness support for first responders and public servants, has announced the release of new policy guidance for the Conducted Energy Device developed in partnership with Axon, the global leader in less-lethal and body camera technology. The policy aligns with the release of Axon’s TASER 10 and is the only TASER 10-compliant policy guidance currently available.

The TASER 10 uses a completely new system of 10 individually targeted probes with a maximum range of 45 feet, doubling the capabilities of previous models. This improvement allows officers more time and space to diffuse conflicts while increasing accuracy and effectiveness, greatly reducing the need for lethal force.

“Lexipol and Axon share a mutual goal of preservation of life, and we recognize that policy must adapt to advancements in technology,” said Lexipol CEO Chuck Corbin. “We are proud to offer our policy guidance and expertise, helping law enforcement agencies quickly and safely adopt this game-changing technology.”

Lexipol’s Conducted Energy Device policy guidance accounts for TASER 10’s enhanced capabilities, including revised guidance for multiple probe applications, audible warnings, targeting considerations, reporting and more. The policy is backward-compatible with previous TASER energy weapons, making it accessible for all public safety agencies, regardless of current technology. The policy guidance is available for free to all law enforcement agencies and will be included in Lexipol’s Law Enforcement Policies & Training subscription service. As with all Lexipol policy guidance, the Conducted Energy Device policy is designed as a starting point for agencies to customize to fit agency and community needs.

“Axon is committed to advancing less-lethal technology, and TASER 10 represents a significant leap forward in our mission to stop a threat without taking a life,” said Andy Wrenn, vice president and head of training for Axon. “Providing comprehensive policy tailored specifically to this device is essential, and we’re pleased to collaborate with Lexipol, the foremost leader in public safety policy, to do just that.”

Learn more about the TASER 10 and access a copy of Lexipol’s Conducted Energy Device Policy.

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