Port Security Grant Programs for Fiscal Year 2023

by | April 7, 2023

In a recent video briefing, Lexipol’s Sarah Wilson Handler (VP, Grant Division) and Samatha Dorm (grant specialist) outlined the requirements and impending deadlines for 2023 federal port security grant programs benefitting public safety agencies and local government.

The application deadline for these port security grant programs is May 18, 2023, so timing is crucial.

In the category of non-competitive grants, various federal agencies are currently accepting applications to distribute almost $1.4 billion in grant monies for operational preparedness, target hardening, terrorism prevention and other priorities. These grants are subject to risk methodologies and/or location requirements as outlined in the grant guidelines.

In the competitive grant space, an additional $503 million is available through four separate programs to strengthen port security and risk management and enhance maritime security along U.S. borders and coastlines. As with the non-competitive grants, these programs have geographical requirements that restrict which agencies are eligible to apply.

Dorm notes that it’s important to know beforehand what port you cover as to help determine your eligibility. Also, recent changes to fundable activities and federal security priorities impact the scoring that determines how the grant funds are awarded.

The application deadline for these port security grant programs is May 18, 2023, so timing is crucial. Don’t allow your agency to miss out on these valuable funding sources!

If you need assistance with locating sources of grant funding, writing grant applications, or have any other grant-related questions, you can contact Lexipol’s grant team at customersupport@lexipol.com or visit the Lexipol’s grant services information page.

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