The Fourth Step in Creating a Firefighter Workout Program: Full-Body Exercises

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Go to any fire conference and you don’t have to look far before you’ll see a firefighter with bulging biceps and an upper body that looks built for snapping large objects in half. Do you look at these firefighters and feel guilt about your own physical preparedness?

You shouldn’t. While you may desire the “ripped” or “body-builder” look, what’s most important when it comes to firefighter strength training is to incorporate exercises that use the full body—just as you do when you’re on scene. When lifting an object over your head, rarely do you have the luxury of doing so while sitting fully stabilized on a non-moving bench. So why are you lifting like that in the gym?

In this quick video, Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter with Madison (WI) Fire Department and founder of Fire Rescue Fitness, shares the fourth of five essential components to firefighter workouts. Learn more about how to design strength training that prepares you to meet the challenges of fire and rescue calls.


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Aaron Zamzow

AARON ZAMZOW is a firefighter/training officer for Madison Fire Department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in health/wellness and has 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer. Aaron is the founder and owner of and authors programs aimed at getting fire rescue athletes fit for duty. He is also the fitness columnist for Firehouse magazine.

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