Striving for Excellence in Policy & Training Management

Introducing the Lexipol Connect Recognition Program—a new program designed to help our customers achieve excellence in policy and training management!

At Lexipol, we’re approaching 20 years of helping public safety agencies address the critical need of policy management. Over the years, we’ve identified key metrics that contribute to effective policy management. The Lexipol Connect Recognition Program is designed to give you insight into these metrics and to recognize customers who achieve policy management excellence. As we grow the program, we will add similar metrics and strategies to help you manage your agency’s training program

Who Can Participate?

Any public safety agency or local government organization subscribing to Lexipol’s policy management solutions. For new customers, participation in the program will begin one year after your subscription starts, which will give you ample time to complete the implementation and issuance of your policy manual. If you complete your manual faster, just let us know and we’ll start issuing program reports.

Is There A Cost To Participate?

No! Participation is free. All Lexipol policy customers are automatically enrolled. If you decide you don’t want to participate, just let your customer success manager know.

What’s In It For My Agency?

Save time with periodic program reports that give you instant insight into your policy management

Incentivize staff to complete policy acknowledgements and Daily Training Bulletins (DTBs)

Enhance credibility with city leaders and community members

When you receive recognition through the Lexipol Connect Recognition Program, we’ll make it easy to spread the word! We’ll provide high-resolution logos for your recognition level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) to share on your agency website and social media posts, a press release template for announcing the news, and more!

What Metrics Are Measured?

The Lexipol Connect Recognition Program involves five simple metrics:

What Are The Recognition Levels?

Based on these metrics, we’ve created a framework that defines target performance levels for each metric and recognizes agencies that are performing well through Bronze, Silver and Gold recognition levels. Here is the target performance for each level:

To achieve a given performance level, all applicable criteria for that level must be met. Bronze level performance can be achieved by meeting the minimum required performance for three metrics – Policies Issued, Updates Pending and DTBs Issued. To achieve the Silver or Gold performance level, a minimum performance for Policies Acknowledged and DTBs Taken is also required.

What Information Will I Receive About My Agency’s Performance?

At the end of each quarter our system will email you a status report on your agency’s performance against the program metrics. Here is an example of the report, and the information it contains:

Are Lexipol’s Online Learning Programs (e.g., PoliceOne Academy, FireRescue1 Academy) Part Of This Program?

Eventually, yes. We have defined the metrics for excellence in training management and will be introducing that part of the program at a later date. If your agency subscribes to our online learning programs, you’ll hear more from us soon!

I’m In! How Do We Get Started?

Enrollment in the Lexipol Connect Recognition Program is automatic. You will receive a progress report at the end of each quarter.

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