Facility Emergencies Tops List of Lexipol’s 2018 Corrections Officer Training Topics

Incidents such as riots, natural disasters or inmate escapes can challenge even the most-well run correctional facility. In 2018, facility emergencies such as these topped the list of topics covered in Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program for corrections agencies. Another popular topic was inmate reception, a high-risk area involving issues such as inmate substance abuse and mental illness as well as inmate vulnerability and searches.

Agencies using Lexipol’s (DTB) program had access to 240 unique corrections officer training bulletins last year, providing a total of 8 hours of training. The 2018 summary report from Lexipol organizes the training topics into 11 main categories and more than 150 subtopics. The top three main categories were Inmate Management, Organization and Administration, and Inmate Due Process. The top subtopics were:

  1. Facility Emergencies
  2. Inmate Reception
  3. Rules of Conduct
  4. Personnel Complaints
  5. Special Management Inmates
  6. Use of Force
  7.  Inmate Discipline
  8. Disciplinary Segregation
  9. Housekeeping and Maintenance
  10. Religious Accommodation/Programs

DTBs use a proven system of realistic and verifiable training to expose correctional officers to an agency’s policies and help them apply policy to real-world situations. The bulletins are authored by Lexipol’s Training Team and use scenarios to bring policy to life and enhance personnel understanding of their policies.

“Our Training Team members are current and former corrections instructors and administrators, so they have a wealth of practical knowledge relating to critical topics such as mental health screening, the Prison Rape Elimination Act, use of force and inmate rights/due process,” says Don Weaver, Training Director for Lexipol. “We design our training bulletins to focus on a specific aspect of the agency’s policy and present them in the form of scenarios because we know this helps enhance learning retention—the corrections officers are being asked to consider how their policy works inside their facilities.”

The DTB program also takes into consideration current events and emerging trends. To access the complete listing of 2018 topics, click here.

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