When laws change,
so do your policies

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your agency’s policies
always stay up to date with the latest state and federal legislation and case law.

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Toss the
three-ring binders

Your policies should be as accessible as your turnouts.
With Lexipol’s web-based system and mobile app, they are.

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Everyone operating
from the same playbook

Provide consistent guidance across shifts and units with policies and training
that help your staff interpret and apply complex regulations.

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Efficient government is
not an oxymoron

Join a community of municipal leaders focused on innovative
solutions for fiscal and operational challenges.

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Training you—and they—can rely on

Keep up in the rapidly changing prehospital care world with
online training, breaking news, analysis and product research

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Serving All of Public Safety and Local Government

From 2-person departments to agencies with more than 2,500 sworn, Lexipol customers reflect the vast diversity of public safety and local government. We provide solutions for city and state officials and public safety agencies, including municipal police and fire, private and public EMS, county sheriffs, county district and state’s attorneys, fire districts, city jails, probation departments, juvenile detention facilities, campus law enforcement, tribal police, risk management associations, state regulatory agencies and more.

Law Enforcement

Reduce risk with mission-critical content, policies and training. With Lexipol’s Law Enforcement services, you will:

Maintain a strong legal defense with continuously updated policies

Enhance accountability through assigning and tracking tools

Improve your training program with a comprehensive library of online courses

Fire & Rescue

Enhance safety and accountability with policies and training accessible 24/7. With Lexipol’s Fire and Rescue services, you will:

Operate consistently with easy-to-understand policies and training

Keep your firefighters safe with proven best practice procedures

Access policies anytime, anywhere via our online platform and mobile app


Keep staff and inmates safe with policies and training designed by corrections professionals. With Lexipol’s Corrections solution, you will:

Spend fewer resources on creating and updating your policies

Meet training mandates and prepare your personnel for the challenges involved with inmates

Reduce liability by providing clear guidance to help staff navigate complex situations

Emergency Medical Services

Meet continuing education requirements and keep up with rapid changes in prehospital care. With Lexipol’s Emergency Medical Services solution, you will:

Meet training mandates and efficiently manage personnel credential compliance

Access EMS grants research, alerts and application writing assistance

Join a trusted community of EMS professionals working to improve patient assessment and care

Local Government

Bring efficiency and consistency to local, city and state operations with innovative training and informational resources. With Lexipol’s Local Government solution, you will:

Access thousands of online training courses in a platform designed to manage training across government units

Reduce risk and liability with tracking and accountability tools

Join thousands of municipal leaders working to make local government stronger and smarter

Stoughton (MA) Fire Department

Learn how Lexipol helped the SFD transform its outdated three-ring policy binders into a continuously updated, always-accessible system that is improving firefighter understanding of policy.

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City of Pelham, AL

With the police and fire departments using Lexipol’s policy solutions, Pelham, Alabama is providing unified, consistent emergency response.

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Pelham Alabama fire and police policies

Northampton County (PA) Department of Corrections

Spending time developing and updating policies can drain resources from other priorities. For the NCDOC, Lexipol provided an efficient, cost-effective solution to help protect staff, public and inmates.

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Northampton County Department of Corrections policies
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