Technology and Law Enforcement

Technology Is Increasingly Revolutionizing  Agencies

Technology plays an increasingly important role in modern law enforcement, revolutionizing the way agencies deter, respond to and investigate crime. From surveillance systems and predictive analytics to forensic tools and communication networks, developing technologies empower law enforcement agencies to boost their operational efficiency, response times and investigative capabilities. Ultimately, keeping current with emerging, cutting-edge technologies helps law enforcement agencies serve and protect their communities more effectively.

As the rate of technology adoption accelerates it becomes increasingly important for police agencies to consider how they select and implement technology and what strategic objectives these technologies will help them achieve.

— U.S. Department of Justice, Research on the Impact of Technology on Policing Strategy in the 21st Century


Lexipol Policy on Generative Artificial Intelligence Use

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) refers to computer systems capable of producing original content such as text, images or audio based on patterns learned from existing data. While there are plenty of ways to deploy GenAI systems in law enforcement to increase efficiency and improve the overall effectiveness of the agency, the use of this type of AI is fraught with potential pitfalls.

Note that this policy does not apply to AI integrated into facial or voice recognition applications, biometric access controls, or document/video redacting software.

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Tech-Related Law Enforcement Policies

New technologies — and the resulting laws, policies, and court cases — create complex challenges necessitating clear guard rails regarding their use in law enforcement activities. Lexipol provides updated policies on a number of tech-related subjects to help ensure responsible, effective use of technology while protecting civil liberties and maintaining public trust.

  • Portable Audio/Video Recorders
  • Public Safety Video Surveillance System
  • Automated License Plate Readers
  • Forensic Genetic Genealogy
  • Conducted Energy Devices
  • Unmanned Aerial System
  • Agency Use of Social Media
  • Information Technology Use
  • Personal Communication Devices
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence Use

Other Tech-Related Content

Below is a curated selection of articles from the Lexipol blog covering a broad range of technology-related topics pertinent to law enforcement, offering insights and strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of tech-enhanced policing.

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