Fire Policies, Procedures & Training

Protect your personnel, your department
and your community with one comprehensive system


“Lexipol serves three purposes: One, it protects citizens by giving us vetted guidelines to follow. Two, it protects firefighters because in court, they can show that they follow the guidelines. And three, as long as we follow the policies, it protects the city’s assets.”

Chief Bob Watson
Borger (TX) Fire Department

“Because Lexipol policies are based on best practices, it’s helping us demonstrate to our personnel that this is the way we should be functioning from a legal standpoint, an organizational excellence standpoint.”

Captain Brad Newbury
Stoughton (MA) Fire Department

Are Your Policies Putting You at Risk?

As a fire services leader, you strive to improve operational excellence while keeping your firefighters and your community safe. If you’re relying on inconsistent, out-of-date or incomplete policies for guidance, your department is at increased risk of experiencing an adverse event—and the potential for significant legal liability.

Lexipol provides the only comprehensive solution
—the content and the platform—for fire departments, including:

State-specific policies vetted by fire service professionals and public safety attorneys

Procedures designed to support safe, effective fire operations

Updates in response to legislation, case law and evolving best practices

Scenario-based training to bring policy and procedure to life

24/7 access to policies and procedures via a web-based platform and mobile app

Reporting features that track acknowledgement and training

Policy implementation and consulting services from industry experts

Gain Peace of Mind with Lexipol

With legally defensible, continuously updated policies and procedures from Lexipol, you can face your challenges with the confidence that your firefighters are following best practice guidelines. Lexipol’s Fire Policies and Training service puts your department’s policy content right at the firefighters’ fingertips—accessible via in-vehicle computers or smartphones—while real-life training scenarios help them learn and apply your policies and procedures. With Lexipol, you will enhance personnel accountability, reduce liability, save time and money on policy management AND rest easy knowing your department is protected.

Stoughton (MA) Fire Department

Learn how Lexipol helped the SFD transform its outdated three-ring policy binders into a continuously updated, always-accessible system that is improving firefighter understanding of policy.

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Learn how Lexipol can save you time and money, reduce your risk and take the pain out of creating and maintaining policies.

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