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Policies & Updates

Policies create the foundation for all public safety agency operations. Yet often, agencies rely on inadequate or outdated policies, policies that don’t reflect current agency practice or policies that contradict one another. If your agency is struggling to get by with ill-fitting policies borrowed from other agencies—or gaps where you lack policy guidance entirely—you’re vulnerable to physical, financial and political risks.

Lexipol provides fully developed, state-specific policies researched and written by public safety professionals. Our policies are based on nationwide standards and best practices while also incorporating state and federal laws and regulations. Best of all, we keep your policies updated for you.

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Online Training

Public safety agencies face unprecedented challenges, from security threats and natural disasters to the opioid epidemic, but often lack the tools to manage and deliver training cost effectively. Many agencies rely on paper-based systems to manage personnel credentials and struggle to stay up to date on the wide range of issues they face.

Lexipol’s learning platform combines online training with features that make it easy to build assignments, manage credentials, and track and report training hours. With options ranging from short videos to full-length classes, it’s easy to keep your personnel up to date and improve the effectiveness of your overall training program.

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Grant Services

More than $9 billion in nationwide grants is available to public safety agencies and local government each year. But it can be difficult to navigate through the grant process. Few agencies have grants experts on staff, or the time to research opportunities and develop grant applications.

Lexipol’s grant services help you tap into federal, state and local grant programs. We provide a real-time searchable database of grants applicable to public safety agencies and local government. Our grants experts also provide customized grant research, consultation and development and review of grant applications. It’s a cost-effective solution with the potential for significant return on investment.

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Wellness Resources

Across the country, personnel in high-risk industries—from law enforcement and fire/EMS to healthcare—endure the effects of constant stress and exposure to critical incidents. Cultural stigmas in these industries often prevent personnel from requesting help. But even if they do reach out, trusted resources are difficult to find.

Lexipol’s wellness solutions—offered through Cordico, a Lexipol company—resolve these challenges, providing personnel in stressful occupations and their family members with on-demand access to confidential, relevant and effective wellness resources. Cordico’s wellness app offers a complete range of self-assessments as well as continuously updated videos and guides on more than 60 behavioral health topics. You can also incorporate agency-specific content as well as one-touch access to peer support, vetted therapists and chaplains. And it’s all backed by 5-star customer service covering design, implementation and ongoing support.

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public safety wellness resources from Lexipol and Cordico

Industry News Sites

Staying on top of evolving issues in public safety and local government requires a trusted source of news and analysis. Lexipol’s online media communities—Police1, FireRescue1, EMS1, Corrections1 and Gov1—provide the opportunity for public safety and local government professionals to exchange information, obtain training tips, learn about the latest trends and research solutions for the challenges facing their agencies. Our expert staff and contributors provide breaking news coverage, instructional guides, job listings and product research to help you make better decisions, stay engaged in your career and learn from hundreds of thousands of professionals across the country.

Lexipol’s online properties are far more than websites—they are communities that help you harness the power of information.

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