Accreditation Support


Simplify and streamline the accreditation process

The Simplest Path to Achieving Accreditation

Public safety agencies that can demonstrate their commitment to state or national accreditation body standards build better community relationships, lower insurance premiums and reduce their risk. But managing the agency accreditation process is a complex, time-consuming task that requires intimate knowledge of policy and extreme attention to detail.

Whether you’re working toward your first assessment or maintaining your agency’s status, Lexipol’s Accreditation Workbench significantly reduces the time and effort needed to successfully prepare for and execute an accreditation assessment. The Accreditation Workbench links Lexipol policy content to standards and provides a robust tool set to help you manage the accreditation process. Using the Accreditation Workbench and Lexipol’s policy content, you’ll typically be able to address 85 to 95% of the policy-related standards.

Available for select state and national accreditation programs. Contact us at to inquire about specific accreditation program support.

Save Time

Save hundreds of hours spent linking policies to standards

Manage accreditation documentation in one place
Improve audit scores and accuracy
Enhance professionalism and build community support

Improve Accreditation Efficiency

The Accreditation Workbench links your policies to the accreditation standards so you can easily identify how your policies address the standards requirements. Everything is organized in a folder structure that mirrors the accreditation body’s organization. You can upload and manage proofs of compliance and use the built-in compliance checklists to track your progress. There are even suggestions for demonstrating compliance and reports that you can provide to the assessor.

And, Lexipol monitors changes in the standards and required proofs and sends you updates as needed, so you don’t have to worry about getting out of date.

All this can save you and your personnel hundreds of hours that you would spend linking policies to standards and organizing documentation. And that, in turn, will help you prepare for and execute successful accreditation assessments and audits.

Reduce Accreditation Time & Effort

With Lexipol’s Accreditation Workbench, you can:

  • Access accreditation body standards and compliance checklists in the same place you manage your policies
  • Instantly see how your Lexipol policies align with accreditation standards at the paragraph level
  • Upload, store and organize proofs of compliance (e.g., documents, videos)
  • Complete self-assessments to identify compliance gaps
  • Quickly respond to assessor requests for compliance documentation

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