Policy Training

Educate, track and verify with scenario-based training bulletins

Better Policy Understanding in Just Minutes a Day

Even the best policy manual isn’t effective if it’s not backed by ongoing training. Yet too often, public safety agencies merely ask personnel to acknowledge policies; they don’t train on them. This creates risk for personnel and vulnerability for the agency.

Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletins use a proven system of solid, realistic, ongoing and verifiable training to help personnel learn to apply policies and improve their ability to make well-reasoned decisions. These brief, scenario-based lessons provide a convenient way to enhance your members’ policy understanding. Each Daily Training Bulletin takes just a few minutes to complete and includes a test question to measure comprehension.

Enhance retention of policy content

Provide personnel with real-life policy application
Track completion by topic and staff member
Defend against “failure to train” claims

Training Designed to Protect

Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletins cover many aspects of your policy manual, with a focus on high-risk, low-frequency events—the incidents that pose the most risk to your personnel. Daily Training Bulletins are written by public safety experts and incorporate news stories, industry reports and court cases to create realistic, relatable scenarios.

Each month, you’ll receive a package of Daily Training Bulletins to review and issue to your staff. Using Lexipol’s online platform, you can:

  • Customize and edit the bulletins to reflect agency-specific practice
  • Determine when you want your personnel to complete training and how many bulletins you want to issue
  • Tailor training so specific groups are assigned to complete only the bulletins applicable to them
  • Generate reports that track member completion of training
  • Create custom training bulletins, or group bulletins into special-focus training packages

Conquer Policy Updates Once & for All

State-of-the-art policies backed by training

Learn why so many leaders rely on Lexipol to protect their agencies and personnel.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“With the Daily Training Bulletins, we are making officers read policy and think about it. It brings policy to the forefront of their mind, especially with high-risk policy such as use of force.”

Major Eugene Maxwell
Augusta University (GA) Police Department

“The Daily Training Bulletins are a big asset. We now have a tool where an employee can log in any time, be given a policy to review, and complete a test. It shows that the employees have been taken through the policy and understand it.”

Chief Ted Martin
Branson (MO) Fire and Rescue

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