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Integrate your agency’s policies and procedures

One Platform for All Your Policy & Procedure Content

Your agency’s policy manual doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Policies reference procedures, forms, even other policies. Storing these supplemental documents separately from your agency’s policy manual can create inconsistency and confusion. But cluttering up policies with procedural content, checklists or other documentation makes it difficult to update policies and for end-users to find important policy direction in a timely manner.

Lexipol’s Supplemental Publication Service (SPS) uses the same technology as our policy platform to help you manage supplemental documents and integrate them into your policies. The SPS allows you to store procedures, standard operating guidelines, general orders, field training guides or secondary policy manuals in one place so your personnel can easily access content and supervisors can efficiently distribute documents and track acknowledgment. With the use of hyperlinks you can easily connect your policies with applicable items located in your SPS. You can select as many SPS units as you need and control who in your agency has access to each SPS.

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Simplify management of your policy and procedure manuals

Enhance personnel access to important documents

Link policies to related documents, procedures and checklists
Save time and money spent managing policies and procedures

Streamline Procedure Storage & Management

Lexipol’s Supplemental Publication Service (SPS) provides a web-based platform to store policy-related documents and integrate them with your agency’s policies. With the SPS, you can:

  • Import and edit your department’s procedural or supplemental policy content using an intuitive platform
  • Electronically link forms, checklists and procedures to related policies
  • Issue supplemental content (e.g., a new process for requesting time off or an updated training checklist) to your personnel electronically and track acknowledgment
  • Create training bulletins against your procedures and other supplemental content
  • Access all your content 24/7 via a web-based platform and mobile app

The Supplemental Publication Service can also be added to an existing Lexipol subscription.

Need help importing your policy or procedural content into our system? Lexipol’s Professional Services team can do it for you. Ask us for details.

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