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For contemporary law enforcement agencies, accreditation is the mark of distinction—an opportunity to showcase your agency’s professionalism and operational excellence. It’s also a complex, intensive process. Without the right partner, agencies often fall victim to common pitfalls, such as not being properly prepared for assessments and not understanding how to translate standards into policy language.

Lexipol’s Law Enforcement Accreditation Service—delivered through our Center for Accreditation Success—provides customized, hands-on guidance to help make this daunting project achievable. The service combines Lexipol’s unparalleled policy management services, technology, training and one-on-one professional services with accreditation expertise to help you prepare for and achieve accreditation.

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One Source for all Your Accreditation Needs

Lexipol’s Law Enforcement Accreditation Service is a comprehensive offering designed to help you address all components of the accreditation process. The service includes:

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Strengthen community relationships
through accountability and transparency

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Reduce risk by demonstrating
adherence to best practices

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Enhance professionalism
with training built on high standards

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Reduce costs through lowered premiums and operational efficiencies

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Achieve operational and administrative goals with uniform directives

Gordon Graham on the Importance of
Law Enforcement Accreditation

The Fastest Path to Law Enforcement Accreditation

Achieving accreditation requires your policies, procedures, training and operations to seamlessly align. When you choose Lexipol as your accreditation partner, you get one source for all these components, combined with decades of experience in the assessment process. That means a smooth, fast, cost-efficient pathway for your agency.

With Lexipol, your agency will achieve accreditation faster, decrease training and overtime expenses, and reduce operating costs and risk. We’ll be with you, every step of the way.

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