Fiscal Year 2024 DOJ Program Plan: Prioritizing Community Policing and Accreditation

by | February 20, 2024

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has released its eagerly awaited Fiscal Year 2024 DOJ Program Plan, delineating key initiatives and funding priorities aimed at bolstering public safety and community well-being nationwide. As stakeholders eagerly anticipate grant opportunities, identifying key dates, estimated award amounts and oversight offices becomes paramount in navigating the funding landscape. The website currently lists nearly $3.6 billion in funds available through 223 separate programs.

Key Initiatives and Expected Dates

The Fiscal Year 2024 DOJ Program Plan features myriad initiatives aimed at addressing critical issues such as violence, drugs, gangs, guns and records improvement. Among these initiatives, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) stands out as a pivotal resource for advancing community policing practices. The COPS Office, which is administered by the DOJ, plays a central role in promoting trust and collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

“Every person, in every neighborhood, deserves to be safe and feel protected,” said Attorney General Merrick B. Garland in a release. “In the coming year, the Justice Department plans to put more resources directly into the hands of our law enforcement and community partners working to drive down violent crime and improve public safety. We encourage police departments, community organizations, and other partners to apply for this funding through the Justice Department’s more than 200 grant programs.”

CPD Enhancing Existing Law Enforcement Accreditation Entities

One notable solicitation within the DOJ’s Fiscal Year 2024 Program Plan is the CPD Enhancing Existing Law Enforcement Accreditation Entities. This initiative, administered through the COPS Office, seeks to support and enhance existing law enforcement accreditation bodies to facilitate law enforcement agencies’ ability to become accredited.

With an expected release in FY Q2 (January, February, March) and an estimated program funding total of $8 million awarded to 48 agencies, this competitive discretionary grant program aims to elevate standards of professionalism and operational excellence within law enforcement agencies. Funds are expected to be distributed in FY Q4 (July, August, September).

Lexipol’s Accreditation Services

Accreditation serves as a hallmark of distinction for today’s law enforcement agencies, signaling a department’s commitment to professionalism and operational excellence. For many agencies, the biggest hurdle in achieving accreditation lies in getting agency policies in order. Lexipol’s state-specific policies and policy management tools provide a foundation for updating policies and aligning them with state accreditation standards. Standards-based online training complements this approach, helping personnel learn and apply policy in a cost-efficient, easily documented manner.

Lexipol also offers accreditation tools and services tailored to the needs of law enforcement agencies seeking accreditation, such as the Law Enforcement State Accreditation Service, which provides comprehensive guidance and support throughout the accreditation process, and the Accreditation Workbench, a technology-based tool to help manage the accreditation process.

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Grant Assistance for Law Enforcement Agencies

As law enforcement agencies explore opportunities to enhance their capabilities and resources, grant assistance can often prove invaluable. PoliceGrantsHelp, a trusted resource for law enforcement grant assistance, offers tailored support to agencies seeking funding for various projects and programs, including grant research, grant writing and an online subscription-based database of available grant opportunities.

2024 DOJ Program Plan Into Action

The Fiscal Year 2024 DOJ Program Plan underscores the federal agency’s commitment to supporting public safety and community policing efforts. By leveraging resources from the COPS Office and partnering with organizations like Lexipol, police and sheriff’s departments across the nation can advance their mission of protecting and serving their cities, towns and communities. For agencies seeking grant assistance, PoliceGrantsHelp remains a valuable ally in navigating the grant landscape and securing vital resources for key public safety initiatives.

Samantha Dorm joined Lexipol full time in 2014, having previously served as a consultant for the grant division since 2010. Sam has been instrumental in providing grant writing guidance to public safety and non-profit agencies throughout the United States, as well as providing instruction on statistical compilation, analysis, and program development. In 1999, she was hired by a Pennsylvania District Attorney's Office. Since that time, Samantha has worked directly with government agencies to acquire over $40M of funding for various programs. Sam is a reviewer for several Federal agencies and instructs grant writing workshops.

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