Lexipol’s PoliceOne Academy Introduces New Interactive, POST-Approved Course Series

Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and wellness support for first responders and public servants, recently announced the introduction of Focal Point, a series of online courses that focus on high-risk policy areas and directly relate to Lexipol’s policy guidance. The training includes key topics in law enforcement including officer-involved shootings, best practices in addressing homeless populations and analysis of an officer’s duty to intercede. The new educational series will be offered through Lexipol’s PoliceOne Academy learning management system as part of a regular subscription package.

“Online learning has become increasingly important as the impact of the pandemic has limited availability for certain types of in-person training,” said Tim Kensok, Lexipol Vice President of Policy & Learning Development. “But simply offering online courses is not enough – to be successful, it must engage personnel and help them retain the information presented. Focal Point courses provide immersive, interactive content that is built to increase learning retention.”

Focal Point trainings are IADLEST-certified and POST-approved in select states. New curriculums are added to the series quarterly, providing a total of eight hours of training each year. Course content is developed by law enforcement experts, attorneys and instructional designers with a wealth of experience in police training and online learning.

“It’s vital for training to align with policy content — and Focal Point courses do that,” said Lexipol CEO Chuck Corbin. “We look forward to bringing this effective learning tool to our customers as they look to constantly improve their level of service and professionalism they provide to their communities.”

Learn more about PoliceOne Academy’s Focal Point series.

Lexipol Team

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