Fireground Accountability, Reporting for Duty Top List of Critical Training Topics for Fire Service in 2021

Fire service professionals face widespread challenges across every aspect of their day-to-day administration and operations. Ensuring consistent compliance with policies and procedures is a must to increase safety, reduce risk and improve professionalism. This year’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program for the fire service was topped by training in general operations and personnel, including topics such as fireground accountability, search and rescue, reporting for duty and physical fitness. Other top training topics for 2021 included:

  • Post-Incident Analysis
  • Medical Supplies
  • Minimum Staffing Levels
  • Controlled Substance Accountability
  • Apparatus/Vehicle Backing

Agencies using Lexipol’s Daily Training Bulletin (DTB) program for fire departments had access to 120 unique policy-based firefighter training bulletins last year, ranging from topics such as scene preservation to performance evaluations and vehicle inspections and maintenance. An end-of-year summary report organizes the training topics into 10 main categories and over 80 topics.

2021 Firefighter Training Topics

DTBs use a proven system of solid, realistic, ongoing and verifiable training to expose firefighters to their department’s policies and procedures, improving their real-world decision making. These concise, scenario-based lessons are authored by Lexipol’s Fire Content Team and enhance firefighter understanding and retention of policies.

“The entire Fire Content Team is composed of current and former fire department instructors and senior line officers, so our customers receive the benefit of their decades of experience,” says Scott Eskwitt, Lexipol’s Director of Fire Content. “We design the training bulletins in light of this institutional knowledge and to align with specific agency policies to improve safety, professionalism and compliance.”

Access the complete list of 2021 firefighter training topics.

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